When depressed listen to this……..

The audio is at the end of the page, you can turn it on and read this as you listen or read first and then do focused listening and see the effect on your heart!



The enemies were powerful……….. Even in his own family, people had started to oppose him openly. They had begun to threaten him physically; the few supporters left in his family who did not agree with his ethics but supported him because of family ties were dwindling.

He went to another city to shore up support but was physically stormed with injury physical and emotional… sitting in the garden with grapevines in the outskirts of the city, he was visited by a tremendous army that controlled the mountains and was asked if he wanted vengeance on the people of the valley who had hurt him to the core……… he declined! In physical pain, blood streaming from his body, pooling in his shoes, emotionally hurt, all he could think of was: “Is my Master displeased with me?”

He and his people were driven into the hot desert and complete sanctions were put on them. It was an open-air prison with no protection from the elements, and nothing entering this prison, not even food and drink.

His beloved wife died……. His partner in the ups and downs of life, his support and his cheerleader…left him to join her Creator and rest in the Gardens instead of the hot desert without food.

Soon after his uncle who had raised him like a father in his orphan state like …passed away. The year of grief was upon him in full force.

Left in the hot desert seeing his people in pain, suffering the sanctions imposed by the enemy hurt him more than his own state. It had been more than two years and the sanctions were getting tighter… his (pbuh) people were now eating desert foliage.

The invitation came………..from Allah Subhanawataala Himself, giving solace to him (pbuh) and he returned with a  gift of Salah also called Mairaaj e Momin for his (pbuh) people.

It is here…listen to the cadence of Allah’s words when He describes the invitation.

Peace engulfs you when you listen to it with complete focus. Even if you do not understand the language, it seeps into your heart, and calms it. Listen to it again and again till the feeling stays and the depression lifts!

It is the language of the Divine and for it to enter your heart………no permission or understanding is needed. It brings solace to each creature as it did to him (pbuh).

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