Opening the fast with the bounties of Allah!

It is only when the possibility of losing a way of life or losing someone happens that one becomes acutely aware of all the blessings one had in those everyday things and that person or persons that one took for granted.

Sometimes even in the nth hour of nearing loss, one does not look at what one has or had but fights to retain it. In this struggle to retain status quo the inner dimensions of beauty, the acceptance and acknowledgement with gratitude of the naimah or blessing is drowned in the drums of war. War that we wage with our decree, war with our Qadaa wal Qadar, and thus we become the losers manifold.

What is it that would give us a God conscious vision at the time of tumultuousness which would allow us to step back and say: “ I thank you for all blessings be they seem insignificant to me at this time, but I know and accept these with thanks”

If one goes forth in life with the conscious knowledge that everything is on loan to us for a finite but unknown period of time there can be two responses. One can “freak out” due to the insecurity and lack of ownership or one can live like a leaf on the river, happy in the gentle rocking waves, saying hi and bye to the fishes and other creatures that pass by. If a storm comes, even then know that the leaf is in the hands of The Divine and no harm can come to it unless so deemed by Allah Himself.

Thus is life………….if we stop to see, listen and actually hear and perceive.

Why are we unhappy? It stems from the basic premise of ownership. If we own something we want to use it the way we want, command it as we wish and discard it when we desire.

Allah Subhanawataala says that we are not even the owner of our own destiny, how can we own another?

In the final analysis owning another person or thing is slavery and Allah Subhanawataala has made us all equal in His eyes except one that has more taqwa…so how can we “own it” whether it be a thing or a person?

As we travel through life we many times get attached to people, emotionally, socially financially. Unbeknownst to us sometimes the attachment becomes such that we begin to mold their destiny according to our desires.

For this Allah Subhanawataala commands us to purify our self. He provides methods of purification (Tazkiyah tun Nafs), both internal and external. The internal being intellectual & emotional which are purified through knowledge of Him by observing and recognizing His attributes and remembering Him (Dhikr).

The external purification is through our rituals of prayer, sawm and other acts of formal worship and through knowledge of the Sunnah resulting in action.

Blessings…everyday blessings are so many and yet go unrecognized, unaccepted, and unthanked for everyday!

May Allah Subhanawataala give me the far-reaching cognizance and  acceptance with gratitude of His blessings that comes everyday into my life. Gifts that come from Him unasked and yet provided on a platter.


Please keep me in your prayers.


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