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For most Americans July 4 is all about cookouts, fireworks and boom box parades.

What is relatively unknown is that the signers of the Declaration of Independance were persecuted, their families tortured, their lands taken away and some of them died in abject poverty……..


A quote from my father in law while I was giving him a historic tour of our town and we passed by the home of one of the signers of the Declaration of Indepedence.

SACRIFICE………celebrated with fireworks and cookouts!

here is an excerpt:

the Declaration is why the United States is here today.

And remember, the signers weren’t planning a picnic or a day off on July 4.

By signing the document, the 56 were literally signing their death warrant if the British had won, said Nancy Smith, of Owego.

And, if Las Vegas had been around in those days, the betting line would have definitely favored the Brits.

“These were 56 men who dared to sign a document that changed history,” said Smith, Broome County historian.

Some paid the price.

Richard Stockton, for example, was captured and imprisoned by the British. He lost all his property and died a pauper.

“They were willing to risk it all,” Smith said.

So tip your hats, lift a glass and give a shout-out to the 56.

end excerpt

From a muslim point of view they were fighting oppression and injustice and that is the true American way………..which many americans have forgotten.

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