ISRA AND MAIRAAJ………….. AND ME (via Siraat-e-Mustaqeem)

He pbuh was sad………he was in the year of grief having lost his beloved wife and uncle. Allah Subhanawataala invited him as He Subhanawataala has invited no other!
Subhanallah! It is July and I am in grief…………it would be so awesome to be invited by Allah Subhanawataala , awesome but not possible for humble me. Nevertheless one can dream……at least of Mecca!

ISRA AND MAIRAAJ.............. AND ME It is Good Friday and I am in Bait al Maqdis waiting for Jumma to begin. After Tahiyyat e Masjed I roam inside the circular Masjed al Sakhrah also called the Dome of the Rock. I notice a couple being shown something by a well-dressed man in white, who is shining a flashlight in an area enclosed within an iron grill spaced such that I can pass my hand through. The couple has just finished putting their hand inside the dark space, and the expressio … Read More

via Siraat-e-Mustaqeem

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