REFLECTION: Change one step at a time…

Reflecting on the Retreat on Tazkiyah Nafs in May with Sister HY.

GUEST AUTHOR: Anonymous-

Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuhu

Beauty is a wow moment- Alhamdulillah. When looking at the blue waters of this ocean which stretches out “near” as to where I am sitting and “far” which has no end to it and the rolling musical waves which look like little fringes which look like a photo frame holding the picture of the Ocean- this to my eyes make me wonder what an amazing masterpiece this is in the face of the Earth!!! SubhanAllah!

Admiring, wondering, and inhaling this breath taking moment makes me think of the Almighty Creator of this Masterpiece- Allah SWT Who made this happen which made it easy on me to write out this “reflection” and I feel fortunate and blessed to be a piece of this Creation and a part of this retreat- SubhanAllah!

This experience was an eye opener for me to think outside the box. Until now I thought I knew so much to be a good Muslim and practice Deen the way I know it.

This experience has opened up a whole new perspective for me to think clear and set my priorities straight.

The wonderful aspect was the way it was put to me so beautifully yet so simple setting a stage for me to make a change one step at a time and still bringing up all aspects of shortcomings which is a part of human nature and giving hope there is still a chance with repentance when it’s sincere.

This to me is an encouragement and an enthusiasm for a change with regards to so many aspects that I have heard and learned day by day to becoming a good person and sincerely yearning to be guided in Allah SWT ‘s path.

In this instance I would like to quote the saying of the Five Watches:

Watch my thought for they become my words, Watch my words for they become my actions, Watch my actions for they become my habits, Watch my habits for they become my character, Watch my character for they become my destiny—the destiny to follow in Allah’s Guided path.

JizakAllahu Khayr.

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