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Since the Ottoman Empire broke and the Western powers of those times divided the spoils, leaving Africa to be administered by the ones with money, oppression and sheer pure cruelty and a ruling of “see no evil” .The bits and pieces of Africa that have been progressively exploited of their natural resources and the booty transferred to western banks resulting in the number and height of the sky scrapers going up in most western cities being directly proportional to the gouged holes being left in the breast of mother Africa.

It is said there comes a time in a persons life where one had suffered so much that nothing matters anymore and at this time when the break occurs either the person goes mad and collapses or becomes mad and lashes out with full force.

On an individual basis such responses from the general people in Africa have been greeted with a permanent relegation to an underground prison where one never sees a ray of light.

Well-known examples of such prisons are the notorious prison in Morocco, Algeria and Egypt.

However what is different now is that the Inftifada occurring in Africa is like a tsunami, it is not one individual or one party or one group, that can be imprisoned, frightened or tortured, but a mass of humanity which returns wave after wave unremitting in its forcible presence and incorruptible in its steadfastness.

What is driving this phenomenon is called “drawing the first blood” once the strongest predator is injured the fish smell the blood and come out in droves for the kill.

For almost 80 years the Muslims were imprisoned, tortured, demeaned, called names, their resources, land and dignity snatched, and they were left bereft of all except their faith. For a while they tried very hard to conform to the demands of their new masters, they modulated their lifestyle, their behavior, and their expectations and even for some their faith.

However one young college student watched on the Internet how the western world lives and how they enjoy all the resources and security and wonders why he can’t do the same. As this thought occurs to him another student far away but also in Africa wonders what needs to be done to get that lifestyle Looking around they find nothing……..they get up from their chairs and decide to take to the streets they have nothing to loose, they already have had nothing for 80 years their parents and grand parents are mental slaves and their children have no future and yet the internet shows how well all these other western countries and Israel live right in their own backyard.

Why does a man leave his safety blanket and ventures out into the sure fire of the enemy and oppressor?

One has to read between the lines to answer that question.

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