I am on the island. We talk and as time passes, I realize with a start that she is offering me pearls galore, Here they are:

External pearls from  D

1. Put a few drops of tea tree oil in your linen wash it releases the oils.

2. Carry tree oil and lavender on a trip it is an antiseptic and for pain

3. Tea tree oil, garlic and wormwood is sos cream for painful areas

4. Ginger tea for reflux

5. Cayenne pepper with some honey for releasing tightness in the chest or elsewhere

6. Dry brush the body towards the heart and then apply cold pressed sesame seed oil (health food stores) for dry scaly skin

7. Olive oil for the hair

8. Fit bras by under the breast measurement not above.

9. Hydrate yourself the day before you travel on the plane

10. Keep a glass of water by your bedside to drink in the morning.

11. Drink most of your daily need for water by 3 pm.

12. Drinking water flushes the kidneys and releases the psoas tightness

13. With Sciatic pain, lie on a tennis ball and roll it over the sciatic area till the piriformis releases the spas


Evaluate your relationship with your body

Thank your body for carrying you through thick and thin


Nourish with slow, mindful, nurturing food.

Recognize and accept your genetic body structure.

Non-real or modified food is not recognized by our body as food

Food that is nutritionally poor makes us eat more.

Take time to prepare and cook food from fresh ingredients

Master at least one recipe from fresh ingredients till it is the way you like it, and then cook it for others and give them the recipe.

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