A Poem on Tazkiyah……..

A reflection on the retreat on Tazkiyah tun Nafs by Sister HY:
بسم الله الرحمان الرحيم
أتيت إلى هنا كي أسترجع العلم,  اللذي كان من الصعب عليه إبقاء حالي
I have come here to return the knowledge, which was difficult for me to maintain myself on,

العلم اللذي ليس بالحفظ والدراسات,  لكنه يأتي بلأستشعار

The knowledge which doesn’t come be memorization and studies, but rather it comes by feelings,

  هو التزكية بتطهير القلب و حضور الحواس,  لإتقان كل عمل في سبيل الله

It’s the knowledge of Tazkiya by which we clean our hearts and make present our senses, to perfect every act for the sake of Allah,
فالتزكية هي بداية العلم و مفتاح الصلاح,  فلا عمل بلا مكارم الأخلاق
Tazkiya is the beginning of knowledge and the key to righteousness, for there should not be action without the noble characters,
و مهما إزددت في العمل والتطبيق و الإتباع, بلا تطهير قلبي لا حاجة لي بأفعالي
And regardless how much I increase in the acts and applications, without cleansing my heart there’s no point in any of my actions,
و التزكية هي التفكر والمحاسبة والدعاء, أن يتقبل مني الإله الغني عن أعمالي
And Tazkiya is Reflecting, and holding myself to accounting  and Supplicating, so my deeds are acceptable to my God, who is in no need of my acts,
 فأملي من الله أن يغفر لي, ما استهونت بالتزكية في حياتي
So my hope in Allah is for Him to forgive me, For, what I have been complacent of Tazkiya in my life
عندما أضعت أحسن عاداتي,  من الخلوة في التهجد والقيام
When I lost the best of behavior – of Khalwah and Tahajjud and Qiyam
وإن عادها لي بفضله المنان,  يجعلني أدرك من سوف أقوم أمام
And if He,The Most Magnanimous, returns them to me by His grace, may He also make me realise who I will stand in front of
فيأخذني الخجل والحياء,  فلا أضيع ما أهدى لي الرحمان
So that the shame and Haya overwhelms me, and I will not lose again what The Merciful gifts me,
بل أستمر بعدها في التوبة والجهاد,  التوبة من ذنوبي  لنزع الحجاب
Then I will be constant in  Tawbah and Mujahadah –  Tawbah from my sins so the Veil is removed
اللذي كونته بيني و بين إلاهي, والجهاد بإخلاء ما في قلبي سوى الله
(The veil) Which I have created between me and my lord, then do mujahadah to empty my heart from all other than Allah,
فحينها يشعر القلب بالسلام, و يستلذ بلحظات قرب من الله
So the heart will then maintain the state of peace, and will taste moments of nearness to Allah
بها يحيى و يشعر حلاوة الإيمان,  ويزداد من زاد الروح بالقيام
 By it, it will become alive and taste the sweetness of Iman, and increase from the provisions of the soul by Qiyam
,لحظات تدفع الروح إلى الأمام,  في طريق الروح إلى رب الأنام
Moments that will push the soul forward, in the way the soul will take to the Lord of all that lives.

4 thoughts on “A Poem on Tazkiyah……..


  2. Thank you for this, this hit home and hard. Exactly what I needed, I was on the brink of despair thinking I cannot perform the Tazkiyah recommended – I am following what was prescribed in the Qu’ran. I have been doing it for a while and since then lost my way. You have rejuvenated my hope.

    Another question: I have an opportunity to attend an islamic 10-day event consisting of lectures and worshops, as you can imagine it is quite costly. Is it better to spend this money on Hajj instead? Confused whats best to do.


    • asalaam o alaikum,
      If you fulfill the criteria for Hajj it is a fard and should be accomplished first. Keep up the TAzkiyah!


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