Picture of the landscape surrounding at-Ta'if,...

Image via Wikipedia:Picture of the landscape surrounding at-Ta'if,..

A Reflection from sheikh Magraoui’s mesmeric presentation on the “The inner dimensions of the Quran” April 2011

It was night when it happened. He had lost his love, his cheerleader, his support his comfort and sakeena. He had lost the protection of his influential elder of the family. It was Mecca before the Hijra and after the Revelation, they were few and the torturers and oppressors were many.

He was struggling and searching for avenues to give the message. He walked 60 kilometers from Mecca to Taif with hope in his heart. The one and only purpose was to give the message to the people of the city of Taif. It was the message which was a message for freedom, peace and liberation of the spirit from human bondage…………. He was rejected, ridiculed, stoned, until he left under the hail of stones. As he walked out of the city his shoes squelched with the wetness of his own blood that was dripping from the wounds on his body.

………….And yet not a word of complaint escaped his lips …….All he wanted to ask His Lord was if he had inadvertently offended Him.

Thus at night the invitation came………..a gift of proportions immeasurable and unasked from the lips of the true abd of Allah. An invitation that took him where no living human has ever gone and showed him the beauty of what awaits him and his ummah.

He was brought close to His Lord and No ! His Lord was not offended. His Lord was reassuring the turbulent heart of his abd with the invitation.

Many gifts come unbidden in the night…………..are we awake, conscious and standing in salah to receive them?

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