What underlies this photo is what war is all about, the loss of innocence, protection, ideals, softness, boyhood, happiness, joy, comfort, security, love, parents, siblings, friends and the right to live with dignity. The expression on his face says it all…………..

A young boy who said he had spent two days in besieged Brega and stolen a vehicle belonging to Moammar Gadhafi's forces in order to return to the rebel side, is questioned by rebel fighters near the front line east of Brega on April 3. Rebel fighters shot the tires out of the vehicle as it sped through the front line but released the boy after listening to his story.

The details are at the photoblog: courtesy msnbc

2 thoughts on “THE BOY FROM BREGA………

  1. Israel denied voter participat¬ion to two generation¬s of those it had sovereign control over. Technicall¬y they still do have control over the Palestinia¬ns, since they have not accepted the actual Statehood of the West Bank and Gaza and have troops and paramilita¬ries placed well within the West Bank. The latter is much more like a Bantus-tan allowing police that carry limited weapons, and a state structure that can only operate at the behest of Israeli policy or face invasion.


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