Abraham Lincoln; Half Black/half muslim?


Recently our local newspaper cartoonist came out with a derogatory cartoon depicting a muslim with a beard .

I researched the origins and significance of the beard in History and found the following:

Prophet Muhammad PBUH was viewed growing a beard as Sunnah.

Jesus is almost always portrayed with a beard in iconography and art dating from the 4th century onward. In paintings and statues most of the Old Testament Biblical characters such as Moses and Abraham and Jesus’ have beards

In the Torah: The book of Leviticus in the Bible appears to completely forbid the shaving of the corners of the head and prohibits the marring of the corners of the beard [1], with particular emphasis on priests not marring the corners of the beard [2]; as with many other parts of Leviticus, the Book of Ezekiel describes similar regulations, stating that the priests should not shave their heads, or let their locks grow long [3].

In summary the beard on a man is a “sign of his obedience” to God in all the monotheistic religions.

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