Abu Bakr

Image via Wikipedia:Abu Bakr Siddiq's Empire at its peak

Slavery is a very ancient institution which is even sanctioned in the Bible:

“Let your bondmen, and your bondwomen, be of the nations that are round about you” [Leviticus 25:44].

While most of the Western world has abolished this practice, there are still some nations that turn a blind eye to a very active slave trade.

The first break in the pattern of Slavery came with Islam and the most famous person early in Islam who freed slaves under great personal danger and loss of capital and business was a very affluent and well to do companion of Prophet Muhammad pbuh.


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Abu Bakr‘s (RA) acceptance of Islam was a milestone in Prophet Muhammad’s (pbuh) mission. Slavery was common in Mecca, and many slaves accepted Islam.

When an ordinary free man accepted Islam, despite opposition, he would enjoy the protection of his tribe. For slaves however, there was no such protection, and were subjected to persecution.

He gave 40.000 dinar for the sake of Islam. [14][15] Abu Bakr (RA) felt for these slaves, so he purchased them and set them free. Abu Bakr (RA)  purchased the freedom of eight slaves, four men and four women.

The men were:

Bilal ibn Ribah
Abu Fakih
Ammar ibn Yasir
Abu Fuhayra
The women were:

Umm Ubays
Harithah bint al-Muammil
Most of the slaves liberated by Abu Bakr (RA) were either women or old and frail men.[16] The father of Abu Bakr (RA) asked him to for why doesn’t he liberate strong and young slaves who could be a source of strength for him, Abu Bakr(RA) replied that he was freeing the slaves for the sake of Allah, and not for his own sake.  The following verses of the Qur’an were revealed due to this:

He who gives in charity and fears Allah And in all sincerity testifies to the Truth; We shall indeed make smooth for him the path of Bliss {92:5-7}.

Those who spend their wealth for increase in self-purification; And have in their minds no favor from any one For which a reward is expected in return, But only the desire to seek the Countenance, Of their Lord, Most High; And soon they shall attain complete satisfaction {92:8-21}.


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