Everyone clamors for the beauty in nature. However when they are faced with it and they have to live with it, they bring the extreme desire for sanitization of their environment to the level of urban living where no living creature survives the cruel and unrelenting onslaught of poisons in the form of insecticides and herbicides. These poisons not only kill all living beings but also poison and pollute what we touch, eat, drink and grow.

Women on the island scream if they see a spider or an ant in their bathroom. Chivalrous men do not stamp the adventurous ant with their feet but go out and bring a can of spray that not only kills the ant but their home and all its family in the anthill at the foot of the home from where this adventurous ant had ventured. This mentality has also been extended to the outside world which is why we are constantly at war with other people individually and collectively.

This is a part of the western mentality where people no longer see us as a part of the scenery of Gods creation and are unaware tht all of Gods creatures are in hymn (tasbeeh) to his Oneness and His absolute Lordship.

We only see all the little and big critters as intruders into our living spaces, and we not only punish those who ventured into our space but go out and decimate them in their own space…………..

The question is why do we do that?

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