A cropped version of Ecce homo (Behold the Man...

Image via Wikipedia: Jesus being indicted by the Roman emperor infront of the Grand jury of Jews & Romans

While Rep King is on a witch hunt for muslims and insisting on reforming the muslim faith similar to what Jesus was asked to do by the Romans and he refused………..

Similar to what Prophet Muhammad was asked to do by the pagans who wanted him to touch and pray with their idols for one day a week and they would pray the rest of the days with him and ……..he refused.

Similar to what Moses was asked to do by Pharoah to accept him as God and follow him which he refused…….

Similar to what young Egyptian men and women were asked to do by Hosni Mobarak and they refused……..

Similar to what the Tunisians were made to do untill one college graduate named Bouazizi refused…………..

Similar to what Gadafi did to his own people terrorizing them with his armies and money obtained by selling oil which came out of the ground given to the  Libyan people as a naimah (blessing) by Allah………..till the Libyan people refused……….

What will the American muslims do???? Will they refuse now or after forty years of oppression as in Libya or thirty years of oppression as in Egypt and Tunisia or immediately like Jesus (AS) , Mohammad (pbuh and Moses (AS). Only Allah knows!

Meanwhile I pray for myself first and then for all the muslim Ummah:

A Dua of protection:

Ameen Allah hummma Ameen.

Dua provided: Courtesy from a reader, thank you!

One thought on “A DUA FOR PROTECTION…….

  1. A privately sent comment from F:
    SubhanAllah !
    Your blog entry March 10
    the similes you used
    the clarity, brevity are superlative !
    with your comprehensive knowledge and
    sharp intellect you create a concrete argument, example,challenge
    and reflect, you proclaim HAQ.
    These are your best contributions…………………….
    mashaAllah you are using well the gifts and talents
    bestowed upon you by The Almighty!


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