As the ocean waves rise in protest of the horror found in Egypt and lay back down in docile obedience to my Lord, I understand they too are awaiting justice on the Day of judgment when no one will be spared the hand of Divine Justice. With the sound of the ocean I am listening to the tafseer of Surah Noor.

Men have been instructed to review Suran Nisa and Surah Noor.  I ponder on the harsh punishment for sexual crimes and think of all the articles I have seen on line decrying the severity of the punishment for Zina or adultery and fornication. The punishments no doubt are severe if proven.

I listen on and the explanation of why men should avert their gaze from forbidden aspects of sexuality and keep the intensity out of their gaze to guard their inner selves and the sanctity of their sexuality………… I wonder at the harmony these acts of prevention would bring to the society and how many women would be saved from heartbreak and destitution.

I turn to read the blog on word press from an academic from England and am horrified. I cannot watch more than few seconds of the video taken of secret underground torture cells in Egypt managed by the secret police or Amn al dawla. The intensity of the horrific acts speak from the silent disfigured empty cells whose walls are embedded with the silent screams of the youth of Egypt. And this is when I do not even understand the Arabic inscriptions, but her article says enough.

In context to being an American, here is the chain of events related in the news:

US Congress gives huge amounts of money to Egypt and Jordan to maintain peace with Israel and to remain silent on the violation of human rights of the Palestinian indigent population of Israel.

It gives Egypt an additional bonus to keep the border sealed with Gaza so no food, drink or medicine can pass through, giving complete control to Israel making Gaza an open-air prison.

As is being revealed with the explosion of the Egyptian revolution, Egypt took this money and used it to develop an army and a secret police. Why? Because absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Meanwhile Islamic education in Egypt which is 90% Muslim was officially put on the back burner and members of religious parties were harassed and worshippers were followed and interrogated.

I am confident that none of the people performing the tortures in these underground chambers had read Surah Noor, they understand Arabic enough one reading would have been enough to deter them from their nefarious acts.

Thus as the sins of Adams children will be accounted for on the day of judgment I wonder if the American tax payer will be held responsible for thirty years of torture of young Egyptians held in these cells by those bankrolled by American money?

I do not have the guts to display the video but you can read about it at:

Nations which have signed and/or ratified the United Nations Convention Against Torture: courtesy Wikipedia


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