I have lived a magical life. Whenever something bad happened, I knew at a gut level that it would be temporary and it would pass and surprisingly it did. Even at the worst moments I knew that I would come out of them intact. My prince who rescued me from each and every event was My Allah, this may sound trite and corny, but in the inner recesses of my heart it is the absolute truth.

And so He continued to retrieve me from minor and major disasters I became more and more lax knowing that Prince Charming though invisible would always retrieve me from this fate that seemed terrible at this time but it would be overturned……………till the night of July 13, 2005.

I sat in the blue chair in the computer room where Tariq used to sit at the computer. I looked at one police officer sitting and the other standing at the door. One said “Tariq is deceased” and I knew that he was wrong that he meant there had been an accident but he must be alive. All I had to do was to get to the hospital and get him the proper medical care and he would heal.

No one was with me, and that night my Prince Charming too gave up on me.

I sat in my chair thinking surely this is a mistake, when I wake up or go to the hospital in a small town in Georgia, I will find Tariq to be injured, perhaps even very injured, but alive!

I waited and waited and waited for my Prince Charming to rescue me and tell me that this was all a bad dream, but he did not. My warranty had run out.

Since then I am on notice, and I feel that my days are numbered and I rush to understand His words and try to make His wishes my command……… And yet, recently I have felt myself slipping, I don’t feel that I have any recourse to alter consequences  in this Life or the next.  And I no longer believe that no matter what I do, My Prince Charming will come to my rescue, and yet…………I still find myself slipping effortlessly into hoping that He will.

I look at my life and intellectually I deny it but at a subconscious level I know that I still suffer from …………..The Cinderella Complex.

3 thoughts on “THE CINDERELLA COMPLEX………

    sweetheart you caught yourself
    and who helped you grab the rope
    your Prince Charming !
    Personal jihad, the essential companion
    against the challenges of Shaitan

    you have lived a charmed life, mashAllah
    and you are creating one again

    when you write of your struggles
    you become human to the rest of us
    and we are touched by the commonality and pick up
    the fearfully and joyfully fards and zikr

    ‘ jab khuda rooth jai to sajdae karoon
    jab sanam roothe jai to mein kya karoon………………….
    fortunately we have reached a place that can put in perspective conduct
    and the weight of subjective offences/ignorance of human companions and colleagues

    ‘Allah puts on every person the burden it can bear………………….
    would you be at the present level of sifting through dunya and haq
    leading ‘immamat’ to all who benefit from your blog/ from the effort and time you put into
    your entries
    jazakAllah khair, surely you put Shaitan into desperate panic by choosing and sticking to the right path

    love and duas, thanks and tender gentleness


  2. Dear Sister,
    Your comment is so similar to my own life experience. In all my life I always had this idea that nothing serious can happen in my life, that Allah will always see me through. I donot know when and how I developed this. Just a few weeks before my son died, we were in my parents house and my father was very depressed about a family problem. I distinctly remember telling my father, “But Abba, Allah Has always see us through all problems and He will do so again”. I always had the thought that no one can stop me as I have complete Faith in Him. I never thought that I can loose anything. Even when Nabeel was in the ICU the possbilty of loosing Nabeel never crossed my mind. I suppose this is the Cinderrella Syndrome that you are talking about.
    Now I am having exactly the opposite thoughts.
    Pray for me sister.


    • Br Anis,
      Walaikum asalaam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatahu,
      May allah Subhanawataala give us peace and tranquillity and His protection in this world and the next. Ameen!


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