Ayah of Tawheed 23:91-92

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بِسۡمِ ٱللهِ ٱلرَّحۡمَـٰنِ ٱلرَّحِيمِ

مَا ٱتَّخَذَ ٱللَّهُ مِن وَلَدٍ۬ وَمَا ڪَانَ مَعَهُ ۥ مِنۡ إِلَـٰهٍ‌ۚ إِذً۬ا لَّذَهَبَ كُلُّ إِلَـٰهِۭ بِمَا خَلَقَ وَلَعَلَا بَعۡضُهُمۡ عَلَىٰ بَعۡضٍ۬‌ۚ سُبۡحَـٰنَ ٱللَّهِ عَمَّا يَصِفُونَ (٩١) عَـٰلِمِ ٱلۡغَيۡبِ وَٱلشَّهَـٰدَةِ فَتَعَـٰلَىٰ عَمَّا يُشۡرِڪُونَ (٩٢)

Allah hath not chosen any son, nor is there any God along with Him; else would each God have assuredly championed that which he created, and some of them would assuredly have overcome others. Glorified be Allah above all that they allege. (91) Knower of the Invisible and the Visible! and Exalted be He over all that they ascribe as partners (unto Him)! (92)

One thought on “Ayah of Tawheed 23:91-92

  1. This message is for brother Ali, (http://creatorstruth.ning.com/)

    On this beautiful aya of Tawheed you wrote a hateful comment.

    I have great difficulty calling you brother in Islam, because of the following:

    1. You use abusive language ( I mean really bad words which cannot be printed) when you do not get your way

    2. You are abusive to all muslims who do not immediately obey the extremist views of the Salafis and Wahabism.

    3. You are unaware that 99.999% of the muslim world is NOT I repeat NOT Extremist in its practice, nor were those who followed the Quran and Sunnah after the Prophet pbuh passed away.

    4. You need to be aware this is a private blog, if you do not like it you DO NOT, I repeat you DO NOT have to read it.

    I have given you many chances to clean up your behavior and yet you have not.

    Thus for the above reasons, you are blocked from all comments and discussions on this blog.

    If you continue to write hate mail, I will have to report you to wordpress to get you permanently off the internet blogging system.

    May Allah have mercy on you and all those whom you come in contact with for surely you are filling hearts with hatred of Islam.

    Please do not respond to this comment. Thank you!

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