There is no place like the island to be “Allah conscious”. However this visit to the island to attend the retreat on “Living with Taqwa” had a unique twist of fate in it.

The retreat on “Living with Taqwa” began and ended with clarity and almost everyone left early. They were advised by their families of the impending snowstorm heading their way.

The rest of us including our teacher were not to fly till the next day.

During the night the ice storm silently approached the island shutting down the bridges to the island and bringing all traffic in the air and on the ground to a stand still.

When you are on the island it is truly as if you are cut off from the world despite phones and the Internet. Life outside the island does not appear real. The stars glimmer in the pitch black night reminding us of the magnificence of our Creator, the ocean shimmers in the moonlight beckoning to the moon, and the winds whip the waves into a frenzy and then calm them down with a soothing hand.

The first inkling of the ice storm for me was the tinkling I heard at the window, like someone was sprinkling broken glass outside. The bed was warm, the night was dark and the time for Tahajud was near. Thus without registering the significance of the sounds of broken glass, I turned to the side and fell back in a deep slumber.

Unbeknownst to all of us we were truly stranded on the island………..beginning our practical lesson on how to live with Taqwa” in real time.


  1. I wish I was with you or being in your Place instead of going home one day Early, FYI it happened to me when we first me in St. Louis .for 4 days it was the greatest time ever.
    enjoy and Practice being Alone with Allah sobhanahu wa Ta3ala


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