Everyone needs timeout from the rat race…………….

Here are some golden guidelines courtesy SA:

From The Book of Intentions by Al-Habib Muhammad bin Alawi Al-Aydarus. A true gem of a book by a true gem of a scholar, gifted by a gem of a Mu’min, SubhanAllah!

The Intentions for Khalwa, Spiritual Seclusion…

1. To devote yourself to worship

2. So that you may be accepted by Allah

3. To protect people from evil

4. To keep away from the evil of people

5. To rectify your heart

6. To gain futuh (spiritual openings) from Allah the Exalted

7. To withdraw from people

8. To purify the inward

9. Sincerity of action for the sake of Allah, Most High

10. To be guided to the Path, in accordance with the saying of the Most High,

As for those who strive for Our sake, We will guide them to Our Paths (29:69)


11. To draw closer to Allah, Most High

12. To gain the pleasure of Allah the Exalted

Imam Abu’l Hasan al-Shadhili RahmatuLlah alaihi has also mentioned ten benefits of Khalwa:

1. Safety and protection form the harm of the tongue

2. Safety and protection form the harm of gazing

3. Shielding and protecting the heart from ostentation, flattery and other diseases

4. Renouncing the world and its pleasures and feelings of satisfaction towards it

5. Safety from bad company and from mixing with those who are abased

6. Devoting yourself to worship, dhikr and the resolve to be God-fearing and pious

7. To attain the sweetness of obedience

8. To comfort the heart and body, since mixing with people brings about the weariness of the heart

9. To protect yourself and your religion from engaging in evil and the disagreements that arise from mixing with people

10. The ability to worship with reflection and contemplation, which is the greatest aim of Khalwa

Just as a sick person spends a short spell in hospital to rid the body of illness, after which time he leaves the hospital in better health, with stronger immunity and enjoying the grace of health-similarly, a Muslim who spends a short period in khalwa will subsequently have a strengthened relationship with his Lord and a heart that has been replenished with iman and certainty.



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