People gathered to break fasting in mosque

people gathered to open the fast: Image via Wikipedia

Excerpted form Notes from the retreat on Tazkiyah Nafs by Sheikh Mokhtaar Maghroubi

Courtesy SA edited by Asqfish

Know the structure upon which to build Tawakkul in Allah:

1.know that your provision is pre-determined.

2. –no one else can do your deeds

3. -death will be a surprise

4. have permanent haya, because Allah is always watching

5. The fasting of Dawud alayhis salam, per Rasoolullah (sws) was the most

virtuous – alternate one day fasting, one day not – makes you live

your live alternating between one day of sabr, one day of shukr.

This parallels and complements life, where one is always between niamah or balah.


  1. Salam alaikum..
    Visiting your blog again, alhumdulillah..
    This is a very nice post.

    The points are all true and hard, but inshaAllah every struggle is worth it.
    3. -death will be a surprise << this is really true.

    I'm sure all of us know this,but to set our minds to have death-awareness is hard when we have not experienced to cope with deaths of loved ones.

    May Allah makes it easy for us.amin.

    wa salam


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