1. Interesting I agree.. I believe whatever wisdom we receive, whatever we learn from life or learn by listening to others is a blessing from Allah Subhanahu Wa-ta’ala. As He blesses those He loves with wisdom which helps us to increase our imaan and serves as guidance towards the light. So yea Alhamdulillah.. only wouldn’t you agree it’s guidance for everyone – Muslim or Non- Muslim? As we all belong to His ‘creations’.. and only Allah Subhanhu Wa-ta’ala decides whether our hearts will follow his guidance or be led astray?


    • Asalaam o alaikum gerber Daisy:)
      Yes guidance is for everyone (Ya Ayo han Naas) but then there is specific instructions for the Believers(Ya Aeyo hal lazina Amenu) , it like being in regular class and once you know it you get into the gifted class.
      Allah knows best!


  2. Asalamu Alaykum,

    Thanks for sharing, I really like the way she explained everything mashaAllah..showing the true beauty of Islam and our Qur’an. I hope many people will learn from this and it shows that one shouldn’t follow everything he/she hears/sees blindy before making a judgement. Have you read her book?



    • Alhamdollillah! Sometimes when muslims become impressed with people of other faiths and lose respect for their own, it is then that Allah Subhanawataala puts words in the mouths of those, then perhaps………..the so called muslims will see the light?


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