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I am embarking on the road to Hajj…….inshallah! Please keep me in your prayers that Allah Subhanawataala makes it easy on me accept this Hajj e Badal for my dear mother and that she may find herself in the most beautiful part of Jannat ul Firdous!

I will try to keep you with me with some intermittent posts while I am gone, so that you can also walk the Hajj virtually:)


5 thoughts on “THE ROAD TO HAJJ………

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  3. Assalamalaikum and felicitations on being invited to the House of the Almighty. May your journey be eased and be fruitful and your pilgrimage maqbool in the eyes of Allah.

    Remember us sinners in your prayers and ask Him to count us among the blessed ones who were shown the right and had the courage to walk it.



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