Convert: Lauren Booth, who is Cherie Blair's half sister, decided to convert to Islam


A large number of muslim men have emigrated to western countries to find their fortunes. In their search for variety and novelty and also because of the sheer numbers available they end up marrying a non muslim woman.

The non muslim woman usually promises to raise the children as muslims. This very statement is an oxymoron. Eventhough there are excellent examples of non muslim women who later became muslims, they are the outliers.

This article begs the question:

Thus the writer of this article, raised by a non  muslim mother who did not have a clue why you don’t wear tight clothes, why should one should not meet alone with the opposite sex, thus the ignorance of the daughter who became resentful of the acts which seemed without substance. This resulted in the Muslim father( in his two hours at home) enforce the acts without the spirit and make the child do something that she never saw her mother doing.

A child learns by seeing more than telling. In this case I presume the writer of this article neither saw her mother practice Islam nor told her the beautiful aspects of why she needed to do certain acts of obedience to Allah, thus the result is evident in the writer of this article.

Though maraige is a wild card, it would be fantastic if single eligible Muslim men actually inquired as to the availability of women who have reverted to Islam, because then they would get the complete package that they desire i.e western woman plus Islam:)


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