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External Dimensions of Hajj Tamattu According to Prophetic Tradition (SAW)

Source: CD Set Internal Dimensions of Hajj by Shaykh Mokhtar Please pray for Sh. Mokhtar and his family.  Please forgive the transciber for any errors made and kindly remember her/her family in your duas at HajjJ.  May Allah SWT grant you a Hajj Mabrur.

OT= On-time

R= Raka’ah

Wajib= Fard/compulsory action.  Wajib action if done, is rewarded and if not done, entails punishment.  For Hajj/Umrah, an omitted wajib requires monetary compensation (fidya).

Rukn= Integral Fard/compulsory action.  Hajj becomes invalid if Rukn action not performed

Sunnah= A recommended action by the Rasoul (SAW).  If done, entails bountiful reward, attains the pleasure of Allah SWT & increases love of Rasoul (SAW). No penalty if a sunnah action is not performed.

8th Dhul Hijjah (Mon. Nov. 15) MINA

  • Put it-har (scent) on and do ghusl  BEFORE putting on ihram
  • Reenter into a state of ihram
  • Do intention. Labbayk-Allahumma labbayka bi-Hajj! or Labbayka Hajjan
    “O Allah! I answer Your call to perform Hajj.”
  • Start talbiyah.
  • Hajj begins in Mina first
  • Prayers in Mina.  Best to do in Masjid Al Khaif (70 Nabi prayed salaat in Al Khaif).  Or do juma’ah with Imam Group in tents.

o      Dhuhr OT 2R

o      Asr OT 2R

o      Maghrib OT 3R

o      Isha OT 2R

  • Sleepover in Mina

9th Dhul Hijjah (Tues. Nov. 16) DAY OF ARAFAT

  • In Mina, pray Fajr OT 2R
  • Make ghusl before standing in Arafat
  • Sunnah is to leave after sun rises to Arafat on Dabb Road (12 km).  You will pass by Muzdalifa.  Be in dhikr of Allah SWT (i.e., tahlil & talbiyah) while on route to Arafat.
  • Rasoul (SAW) rested in a place called Nemirah for lunch.  No one knows its location today.
  • Rasoul (SAW) went to Wadi Oranah (a valley between Muzdalifah and Arafat that belongs to neither location).  Rasoul (SAW) gave his famous khutbah of Arafat here in Oranah.
  • You can pray at Masjid Nemirah (a different place with the same name that sits halfway between Oranah and Arafat).  The front half of the masjid where the Imam prays is in Oranah. Best to pray at the back mawqif where Arafat starts.
  • Do Dhuhr (2R) + Asr (2R) in jama’ah in Masjid Nemirah (Best) or with Imam group.
  • Wajib to stay until sun sets in Arafat. Be peaceful, tranquil & avoid rushing.
  • Rasoul (SAW) went to the lower part of Jabal Rahmah at the bottom of the hill and faced Qiblah (Sunnah). 
  • While sitting or standing, do the following dhikr in Arafat until the sun sets (Rukn to be in dhikr at Arafat):

1.    Tahlil (BEST)

  • Laa ilaaha illa Allaahu wahdahu laa sharika lah, lahul-mulku wa lahul-hamd, wa huwa ‘alaa kulli shay’in qadeer.
  • None is worthy of worship except Allaah, alone, without partner. To Him belongs all sovereignty and praise, and He has power over all things.”

2.    Talbiyah-

  • “Labbayka-Allahummma labbayk, Labbayka laa shareeka laka labbayk. Innal-Hamda wanni’mata laka wal-Mulk, laa shareeka lak!”
  • “Here I am O Allah! Here I am! Here I am, there is no partner for you, here I am! Surely, all praise, blessings, and dominion are for You. There is no partner for you”

3.    Dhikr- Do lots of prayer in remembrance of Allah SWT

4.    Dua- Make lots of dua (all are accepted here)

  • Leave Arafat for Muzdalifa (8 km) on a different road than Dabb.  Leave gently and reverently while in a state of dhikr.
  • Pray Magrib (3R) & Isha (2R) together (Jam ta’akheer) w/o nafl in between (at Masjid al Mashur al Haram)
  • Do witr and sleep in open at Muzdalifa. Rasoul (SAW) went to sleep immediately.
  • Stay the first half of the night in Muzdalifa (some Ulema say wajib); Imam Abu Hanifa said to stay second half of night
  • Do dhikr in Muzdalifa (some say it is wajib, some say RUKN)

10th Dhul Hijjah (Wed. Nov. 17) JAMRAT AL AQABA & EID

  • Must be in Muzdalifa to do Fajr with Imam (RUKN) Rasoul SAW said in Fajr at Muzdalifa with hands raised and body facing qiblah:

o      Allahu Akbar (Allah is Great)

o      Allahu Ahad (Allah is exclusively the One)

o      La illaha illallah (There is none worthy of worship except Allah)

  • After Fajr, Rasoul (SAW) stood on the Mount of Quzah (also known as Jabal Quzah or Jabal Mash’ar al Haraam).  He (SAW) made dua and dhikr facing Qiblah at Mash’ar al Haraam.
  • Mashur al Haram includes all of Muzdalifa and Jabal Quzah
  • Pick 7-10 chickpea size pebbles (a couple of extra in case you miss).  You will throw 7 at Jumrat al Aqaba til Kubarah in Muzdalifa, which is the major jumrat.
  • In total, you will throw 70 pebbles in your Hajj over 4 days {10th (7) + 11th(21) + 12th (21) +13th (21)= 70}.
  • 1) You may begin to throw pebbles at Jamrat al Aqaba after sunrise.  Stop your talbiyah and after you throw your first pebble say, “Allahu Akbar” and for every pebble throw after that. Do not aim for the pillar.  Each pebble must be thrown into the semi-circular basin.  If you miss, re-throw.
  • Be gentle. Rasoul (SAW) threw pebbles here while having Mina on the right side and the Kab’ah on the left.
  • After throwing pebbles, you are partially released from ihram (except hunting & marital relations). Aishah (RA) put it-har (scent) on the Rasoul (SAW).
  • You still need to:

a)    Sacrifice animal

b)    Shave hair (sunnah for men, trim for ladies)

c)    Do ghusl and change into regular clothes.  Put It-har (scent) and get ready to go to Mecca (Sunnah).

d)    The Rasoul SAW did Tawaaf al Ifaadah on the 10th before sunset (Sunnah).  However, you are able to do your Tawaaf al Ifaadah on the 10th, 11th,  12th or 13th of Dhul Hijjah.

i)     Do Tawaaf without rammal (fast-walking)

e)    Do Sai (wajib for Tamattu)

o      After this Tawaaf, you are fully released from Hajj

  • The Rasoul (SAW) returned to Mina and prayed 2R Dhuhr OT.  Pray salaah at Masjid al Khaif (BEST) or in own tents with Imam group.
  • His Sunnah (SAW) was to pray the rest of the salaah on-time in Mina but kasran (shortened due to travel):

o      Dhuhr 2R OT

o      Asr 2R OT

o      Maghrib 3R OT

o      Isha 2R OT

11th of Dhul Hijjah (Thurs. Nov.18th) MINA OVERNIGHT

  • Wajib to sleep over
  • Al Aqaba (Major); Al Wusta (Middle); Al- Ula or Al Sora (Minor)
  • Jamrat Process to be repeated on 11th, 12th & 13th:

1.    After dhuhr, throw 7 stones in Jamrat al Ula’s circular basin and move to the right.  The Rasoul (SAW) stayed in dua with hands raised facing Qiblah for as long as 45 minutes (Sunnah).

2.    Move to Jamrat al Wusta, throw 7 stones in basin in the same way.  Move to the left and raise hands in dua.

3.    Move to Jamrat al Aqaba al Qubra, throw 7 stones in a semi circular basin.  The Sunnah is to not make dua here.  Stay in focus as you walk back to tents.


12th of Dhul Hijjah (Fri. Nov.19th) MINA OVERNIGHT  

  • Wajib to sleepover in Mina.  Permissible to leave Mina after spending 2 days overnight in Mina (11th/12th Dhul Hijjah).  Third night overnight is Sunnah.  If you leave before two nights, you must offer a fidya (sacrifice compensation).
  • Stay focused each day.
  • May go to Mecca during day or part of night for Tawaaf.  Remember to return to sleep for most part of the night in Mina (Wajib).
  • Do Friday prayers at Haram
  • Do same Jamrat process as yesterday

13th of Dhul Hijjah (Sat. Nov.20th) MINA OVERNIGHT

  • Sunnah
  • Stay focused each day.
  • May go to Mecca during day or part of night
  • Do Friday prayers in Haram
    • Do same Jamrat process as yesterday
    • The Prophet (SAW) returned to Mecca and did the Farewell Tawaaf- Tawaaf al Wada (is a Wajib Tawaaf except for women who are on their menses and have ALREADY done their Tawaaf al Ifaadah).
    • Tawaaf al Wada must be the last action you do-your moment of connection with the House of Allah SWT.  Do your shopping (if you have any) before you say farewell.
    • End Notes

COURTESY: Tazkiyah group sister!RR

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