The inscription consists of Surah IX, aT-Tawbah, verse 128:

Now hath come unto you An Apostle from amongst Yourselves; it grieves him that you should perish; Ardently anxious is he over you: to the believers is he the most kind and merciful.


* There are 28 letters not counting hamza

* Arabs were the first to Alphabetize, and they did it long before Byblos (Phoenicians in Lebanon)

* Arabic numerals were developed to understand the section in the Quran that deals with inheritance and its mathematical distribution.

* 1 through 9 numerals were developed in Arabic based on the angles and for ten when they were stumped; Mohammad Musa Al Khwarizmi came up with ZERO which revolutionized the science of mathematics.

* It took the English 300years to accept ZERO in their methodology of understanding Math.

* After ZERO the Arab Muslim mathematicians came up with ALGEBRA and opened a vast realm of a new understanding of the mathematics.

ARABIC IS THE LANGUAGE OF JANNAH: The greeting in Jannah (if you are fortunate enough to get in) is AS SALAAM.


There are three long vowels in Arabic: aa, oo, ee and

Three short vowels: fatha, damma and kasrah

Using the short vowels on top or below the alphabet is like playing checkers where if you reach a certain point your single checker is crowned a king and then develops new powers of movement and so it is in Arabic with the use and position of the short vowels.

Hamza :The sign ‘hamza,’ for example, is part of the letter ‘ayn’ (without its end-tail). It always needs a seat, i.e it is always found sitting atop or below an alphabet.

Arabic words when enunciated correctly emulate their meaning in the tone of the word


Tanween is the double dash or double comma on or below the alphabet and changes the sound of the word by its position.

Shadda, is the moustache it dispenses the use of writing the letter twice (to impress)


These can also be called one-way letters as they allow connection only from the right but not from the left.

A good way of remembering this is that our book of goodness will be given in our right hand, thus connecting from the right

The six stubborn letters are :(English names) alif, daal, z, ra, zein, wau

GREETINGS: The first words to learn should rightly be: Greetings:

Salaam (peace)

Shukran (thank you)

Afuaan (your are welcome

End summary lesson one

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