A Pakistani child despondent and tired after losing all in the flood sits in a tent given by Edhi Humanitarian Organization: Photo courtesy



“The partition was promulgated in the Indian Independence Act 1947 and resulted in the dissolution of the British Indian Empire. The partition displaced up to 12.5 million people in the former British Indian Empire, with estimates of loss of life varying from several hundred thousand to a million.[1]”


The flood in Pakistan has displaced 20 million people and those that have not been displaced, are under pressure of displacement. The monsoon rain continues to fall steadily and the rivers are on a rampage with their bellies swollen with the water from the melting snow of the glaciers and mountain tops resulting from the  unnatural results of global warming.

There are few advantages now (floods in 2010)  which were not then (Partition in 1947)

  1. The country has a government with an infrastructure in place.
  2. The Government has lots of money coming from western powers to fight and subjugate the Taliban.
  3. The lines of international relationships have been drawn for 60 years.

There are some drawbacks faced:

  1. The number of displaced people within their own country is almost double of that in Partition.
  2. One third of the crops and livestock has been washed away.
  3. Other countries are happy that Pakistan’s bumper crop of cotton is hampered given them a chance to flourish.
  4. People are angry with the Government
  5. The Government does not have access to some of its own airspace and flying strips up north, as they have been leased out to the USA and United Nations armies.

The solution lies in the secret of following the example of Prophet Muhammad pbuh when faced with displaced people (the muhajirs)

Thus the Pakistani’s lving in Pakistan and abroad may have to redesign their ideas about possessions, and privacy.

If one follows the Sunnah practiced on arrival to Medina by Prophet Muhammad pbuh., then thngs will ease up and redesign the fabric of the society of Pakistan.


Pakistan has a population of 172 million,(current) and in 1950 had 39.5million.

99.9% of Pakistani’s are Muslim and believe in the Quran and Sunnah and wish to follow it to gain the goodwill of Allah Subhanawataala.

1% of the population ARE millionaires or close to it:

Home dwellers look out of their broken home in a state of disbelief: Photo courtesy


A. People can point to others for help; Western countries, Pakistani Government, Rich Pakistanis etc.

The bottom line is that none of the above will probably come through given their recent and past track record.

B. Thus if eleven families adopt one displaced person and become the resident parent and caretaker for that person, with food, clothing, education both secular and religious to give strength to bear the tragedy involving each person then the Muhajir and Ansar connection will be built and a normal life will ensue for both the displaced and the non displaced people.

Sunnah: One Muhajir taken in by One Ansar

One has to ask oneself two Questions:

  1. Can you open your heart and mind to allow a non related person to live in your house as your family?
  2. What will happen if you don’t do that i.e. don’t take one displaced person in to your family to take care of them continuously for a long time?

Here are some scenarios:

1.     Anger targeted from the Have- nots towards the Haves

2.     Looting

3.     Formation of street gangs

4.     Destitute women forced to beg or become prostitutes

5.     Illiterate diseased children roaming the streets (like Brazil)

6.     Illicit drugs

7.     Starvation and thus robbery

8.     Murder and Muggings

9.     Infectious diseases affecting all rich and poor.

10.  Depression with suicides, murders and decline in the moral fibre of society.

Now let me ask you and myself again:

Can I take someone who is not like me into my home and treat him or her as family member for at least a year?

In the answer to that question from each Pakistani (local and abroad) lies the essence of recovery versus long term devastation of Pakistan.

????????? Do not look at other Pakistanis, you will find the answer in your heart, not your mind:)

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