1. Asalaam o alaikum!
    Sister Aqilah, There is ease in our faith as was said by our Prophet Muhammad pbuh.
    If you live in a hot country, Sew or buy Hijabs that are of light weight material that breathes and is cool,wear it loosely so that it covers but is not hot.
    If you get hot, carry a spritzer bottle with water in it and spray it on your face and wrists, if you are in a place where you can perform wudu, do that.
    Wear cool (natural material) loose clothes and stay in a breezy place or under the fan or inside or in the shade if outside.
    Make things easy for yourself, our faith was not made such that life should be difficult for us. May Allah reward you!
    If you feel faint, drink water and if you still feel faint, check with your physician.

    Brother Sajid, thank you for the encouraging remarks. I am waiting for the day when I can see a man in the street and recognize him as a muslim by his dress and demeanor, I hope I don’t die waiting.

  2. assalaam alaikom,
    I sometimes feel like I am going to faint because it is so hot sometimes, and thoughts come to me to take my hijab off, but I am truly afriad to do this. I can not take it off.

    • When the shaitaan whispers in your ear to take your scarf off because of the heat, think this,

  3. Jeanette, I am proud of you. May Allah continue to bless you and shower His mercy on you and all others in your situation. We shall overcome our detractors by the special grace of Allah.

  4. I love it, it represents who I am, as long as I am comfortable and I am happy that is all that should matter,I am an american who is proud to be muslim and is proud of everything Islam represents within my religion.

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