Have you ever wished that you lived on an island and that time came to a standstill, and that you had no schedule and that you had no commitments and that people left you alone? Well what if your wishes came true?

Today as I am flown to Pakistan via the photos shot through a lens on a flying machine I am compelled to rethink of how I think and rethink what I wish for.

Most of our prayers, desires and wishes are usually for items and desires of this world and yet this world is a nano second in the millennia that our existence will dwell in.

Yet all we see and wish for is the attractions of this world while remaining blissfully oblivious of what we have at no charge: eternally ungrateful for the air we breathe, the water we drink and the protection we have from the elements of nature.

We become sad when we lose our position in society, we crib about the air conditioner not working properly, we complain about a hair in our meal , we complain that the poor rickshaw waala overcharged us for the ride and on and on are the list of ungratefulness………………..

I am silenced in extreme humility as I see this picture  of a man and his animals somewhere in Pakistan and absorb the enormity of the scene which even the man on this island may not be aware of. Surrounded by miles and miles of water with no options of rescue……………….

I pray fervently for this man as if he is my kin and for his animals as if they were mine, and for his invisible family and for strength for his brave heart.

May Allah give him aafia, protection like no one else can, may he be rewarded for his sabr, may every sliver of anguish that he feels be rewarded with a flower from Jannah and most of all May Allah give him hope and Mercy now and in the Hereafter……………..

Please keep him and all those who are in anguish in your prayers!

Send help with a Dua and the intention that it be delivered to the needy, and inshallah it will!

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