A Pakistani man swims and keeps the Quran dry towards his unknown destination: Photo courtesy UK Telegraph

The divide came with the British…….. If you wanted to be educated and go to England you had to go to the secular schools. All the science, literature and language was removed from the Madrassahs and taken to the secular schools by the British, leaving the Madrassahs with a paucity of educational choices.

Thus began the decay of the Madrassah as an educational Institution where the word of God had always confirmed the social and natural sciences and a student could see the universe around him in  harmony with himself.

When reading and reciting of the Quran was the only thing left in the madrassah and all other education was moved to secular schools, the students of the Madrassah found it difficult to find jobs except as part time tutors of Quranic reading.

By narrowing the field of education in the Madrassahs and separating the confirmation of the sciences from the Quran, the British created a new elite where like the west where religion is confined to few hours on Sunday, Quran was read on Fridays and secular science Monday through Thursday with no connection to each other.

With the secularization of education and the loss of the anchor of Quranic education the divide between the secularly educated without an understanding of their place in the universe and the religiously educated who had no window of training for acceptance into the daily work world became wide and fixed.

Sixty years have separated these two groups of people further and further from each other until the flood came…….. The water of which made no differentiation between the houses of the affluent in Nowshera and the villages of the unread farmer in Shirkarpur.

What happens now remains to be seen……

Will the deep and abiding love for the word of God residing in almost every heart in Pakistan surface and embrace this calamity as a test from God?

Time and events shaped by the will of God will answer that question despite all ongoing human manipulations.

All we have to do is to fulfill the Huqqooq al ebad, or humane rights and leave the rest to Him Subhanawataala.

Allah knows best……


    • Kaffir,
      You appear to be very cynical and dejected………Why? What makes you think that Islam a religion that brings peace and harmony in people (if they practice the faith as is commanded by God) is stupid?
      Please explain the basis of your statement.

  1. If we know what went wrong, why don’t we correct it instead of putting the blame on others. The others i.e the British, they don’t understand it, they do what they think is right for them. whilst for us, stop the blaming and get to works and stop fighting amongst ourselves .

    • Asalaam o alaikum AY,
      The key is in your first sentence: If we know what went wrong……….
      I feel that we as muslims in Pakistan are still in the stage of self discovery: Is islam good or is what the West is preaching better because they are more affluent?
      I dont think that the majority of Pakistanis have come to an answer yet. The day they do, the truth of their heart will meet the truth of their mind and they will become a force to be reckoned with.
      Thus we have to wait and see and continue to help the needy, the poor the orphans and the flood bound with a non judgmental heart.
      Jazaik Allah Khair!

      • I agree with you Asqfish, people in Pakistan are still debating, they are in Identity Crises, debating whether Islam is “better” or the Western Ideals, whether Quaid-e-Azam was a Secular or a Muslim, and other dumb questions.

    • Asalaam o alaikum!
      There are no quick fixes in the world of Allah. The darkest hour is before dawn. Keep your faith in Allah, keep you head down, your hands busy with helping and wade through to the other side inshallah!

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