Who Is The Best In Action?

Brave pakistani women: No burden on anyone rush for help out of the flood:http://www.monstersandcritics.com/news/southasia/features/article_1578420.php/Pakistan-Flood-Pictures-August-17th?page=8:Flood victims climb a bus as they flee the flooded areas in Basera near Muzaffargarh in Punjab province Pakistan on 18 August 2010. The United Nations warned on 16 August, that up to 3.5 million children were at risk from water-borne diseases in flood-hit Pakistan and said it was bracing to deal with thousands of potential cholera cases. More than 1,500 people across Pakistan have been killed and hundreds of thousands stranded due to flash floods triggered by the ongoing spell of monsoon rains. EPA/MATIULLAH ACHAKZAI

The best ACTIONS:

Allaah says,

‘[He] Who created death and life that he may test which of you is best in action.’ [Al-Mulk (67): 2]

Fudayl bin Ayaadh commented on this by saying,

Who is sincere in [his action] and correct in it. The action, if it is sincere but not correct then it is not accepted. If it is correct but not sincere then it is not accepted. It is only accepted when it is both sincere and correct. It is sincere when it is for the sake of Allaah and correct when it is done according to the Sunnah. [Ibn Rajab, ‘Jaami` al-Uloom wal Hikam’ [1/29]]

The proof of what Fudayl said lies in the verse,

“So whosoever hopes for the meeting with His Lord, let him work righteousness and associate none as a partner in the worship of His Lord.” [Al-Kahf (18): 110]



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