A Tribute to the Mothers

By: Quraysha Ismail Sooliman

As my mother lay on her death bed, she addressed each of her children with the appropriate thoughts she carried- as only a mother can. I remember her serene face and comforting advice. My mother was never shy to use terms of endearments and in one of those last moments she gave us perhaps the most sustaining blessing of all- words of encouragement. ‘Remember, if Allah closes one door, He will open ten others for you.’

At the time of loss and grief, these words seem far and hollow, but at a time of reflection, they carry solace and glad tidings. For the lesson is clear, Allah is the Beholder of all. If I have Him, I have all. If I trust Him, I will gain all.

In one short reminder, she had summed up the notion of profit and loss. In a few parting words, she had explained how we could achieve success. The advices of a mother are never out of spite. She carries too much of each child in herself to seek their ruin. Sometimes mothers can be mis-read; sometimes they need our patience… just as we were afforded patience, just as we were tolerated in our wee-years.

As I stood in the saff tonight, waiting for the Imam to start the next cycle of the Taraweeh salaat, I reflected fleetingly on a house that is no more. The bricks may have come down, the walls broken and the roof flattened, but the love, the laughter and the shared insights have made castles of wonder and joy in my existence- and the home has lived on. How is it that a child learns to love Allah and his Rasul? Surely it is the mother’s love that transfers? I remember the beautiful Eid mornings when our home would reverberate with the Burda and the Malaysian Zikr. Little fuss was made of food and clothes, but brilliance in any matter was never overlooked.

Her teachings were simple, short and sweet. They were emboldened by the few copper frames that she kept close to her. As young children we grew up with the verses engraved on those copper frames-         ‘Hasbiya-Allahu- were ni’mal wakeel’ and ‘Nasrun-minnallahi were fathun qareeb’. The start of a love and a longing- To know the Arabic language and to learn the Quraan. She always said she would not leave us money- for her it was temporary and transient. She chose education and memories. She always said that the two best places to visit and appreciate one’s bounties, were the Holy Cities where one could basque in His Mercy, and then to visit India and see the suffering. This, so that we could never forget to be grateful. These journeys were to be life-long lessons.

Ask any child about their love for their mothers. If it is real, it should be a love that honours the mother in the presence of the Divine. For that is love in Islam. It sustains, it nourishes and it protects. It should never consume nor destroy. And in the mother’s love for her Creator, the child ultimately takes the first lesson. And in seeking the mother, the child should seek the Divine…for in that search, the ten other doors open.

May Allah bless the mothers of this world and bring the Muslim mothers back to the path of Islam.


  1. Hats off to you , this is really finest thing I have come across in a long time. Although my mother died ten years ago . It just remimnded me of my mother and how she died after suffering a long time from cancer .
    I recall those moments as the most horrifying because , seeing her everyday in great pain , really gives a freak at least for those who care about thier mothers. We use to gather around her at the hospital and see her vomiting blood and after each vomit she use to thank Allah , and used to tell us to have patience in life and even at her last moments she used to remind us of Allah and tell us dont leave any prayer and to be nice to each other and to cooperate among brothers and sisters.


  2. Ameen….

    Well the article which you wrote on mothers topic is good..

    May Allah (SWT) bless every muslim that they respect and love there mothers till the end..


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