Once they had home, cars and family just like you and me: Pakistan flood washed it all away!

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So long as you are in the world,

Be not surprised at the existence of sorrows.

For, truly it manifests nothing but what is in keeping

With its character or its inevitable nature.

My Take on this:

This world is sorrow, and Jannah awaits those who wish and work for it.

I cannot fix this world, the sorrow is overwhelming, but the Lord knows and must give me the strength to do my best to help my brothers and sisters in distress……..

Only in the secretive corners of my heart, is hidden the answer to the question:


He knows the answer and I do!


The Humanitarian who is honest and proven it to the world with his sincerity comes from the country where the challenge is humungous:

2 thoughts on “SORROWS OF THIS WORLD……..

  1. May Allah bless them, and not give the people of Pakistan more than they can bear. Ameen. This is a disaster of the first order, and I weep for the people.

    Ya Haqq!

    PS Ramadan Mubarak! Even in the midst of sorrow, Allah is the hope of the world.

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