A student studies a salah book at Al Azhar mosque in Cairo in his "free time"

Usually people tell me that in order to prepare myself for Ramadan, I must cook ahead of time, I must rearrange my sleep schedule, and make sure I have enough food on hand to open the fast etc, etc, etc.

The part that no one tells me is how to be fit for Ramadan, and I do not mean physically.

In my experience by trial and error, it is what I have to avoid that is more important for my fitness during Ramadan rather than what I have to do.

For example:

1. I must avoid wasting time on surfing the TV channels.

2.  I must clear my schedule for my fard prayers and extra ibadah

3.  I must apply for leave for the last ten days to sit for itikaaf.

4.  I must collect authentic books, CDs, tapes, online programs to listen to during itikaaf.

5. I must cut out all social life and leave the absolute bare essentials.

6. I must get all my laundry and ironing done, because the last thing I want to face is no fresh clothes to wear for taraweh.

7. I must have a taraweh buddy or I will lose steam and end up not going to the mosque for taraweh.

8. I must avoid all invitations for dinner/iftar etc on Fridays and concentrate on ibadah on that blessed day.

9. I must avoid company that will take me to the movies to avoid the heat or kill time.

10. I must find company that will encourage me to push the envelope in my efforts for ibadah…………

Add your own here:



etc etc

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