Brown Pelican gasping in the BP oil spill: Courtesy

Two blockades, both manmade both spurred by greed, power and heedlessness to consequences.

In Gaza three years ago the gates to all inbound food, medicines and articles of life were closed. Electricity was minimized with long hours without it. Food quality dropped and rationing began. Israeli soldiers played God and limited the morsels that God himself has provided for every human being

For He is the “Sustainer”

It was as if the Israelis were taunting God himself, where was the sustenance he promised? Gaza was only going to get the sustenance that Israelis allowed, thumbing their nose to God and all his creatures, drenched in the confidence of their absolute power over the citizens of Gaza.

The reasons that this was done are moot; they are the same as what the Nazi’s did with the Jews.

The blockade persisted for three years; many people attempted to break it but were turned away with automatic weapons trained on their hearts and fear made them turn away. One truck full of canned tomatoes was turned away saying that was detrimental to the health of the Gazans.

Then came the freedom flotilla, a bunch of makeshift boats, loaded with food, medicines, wheelchairs, crutches, paper, crayons and the deep humanistic goodwill that lies deep in the heart of every human.

Onboard this flotilla is a 19-year-old boy, idealistic, brilliant, and studying pre-med to become a doctor who decides not to wait till he gets his medical degree to serve humanity.

19 year old american teen killed by Israeli soldiers for holding video camera

While in Gaza a 19-year-old boy waits hopefully for the flotilla to bring the much-needed supplies for his patients, who are survivors of the Gaza bombing, suffering from posttraumatic stress syndrome, and where play therapy is the only medicine available.

The flotilla is boarded by Israeli commandos, the volunteers on board are shot, the 19 year old pre med student is shot four times in the head and once in the heart……….the blockade is sealed with this violence against humanity.

Meanwhile………..far away in a country where the people are heedless to the blockade in Gaza, eat, drink and live a normal life while giving lavish amount of their tax dollars and donations to various Israeli funds that further tighten the noose of the blockade on Gaza.

Meanwhile In this country (USA) the black death of Midas is waiting to be released by the avaricious hands of another country (English BP) that has also turned a blind eye to the suffering of the men, women and children of GAZA.

God gave America some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. The people of America have always escaped to the beach to re energize and summer at the beach is a family tradition here.

As the families drive to the beach in their gas guzzling SUVs, the black gold erupts into the ocean with a force that is unstoppable with even the finest technological methods available to man.

The black gold spreads over the ocean creating an opaque and impermeable shield through which no air, no oxygen and no life giving nutrition can get through. The blockade has begun. It is the Dark blockade of plenty.

At first pass the birds, fishes and sea animals begin to die, which only moves some of the population of the Country. Next the black death throws off the controlling suction system and millions of gallons of the black gold begins to flood the beaches and spread far into the ocean where none has gone before.

Someone flying over the ocean from the coast notices Dolphins and whales’ dying of asphyxia .who is next?

Meanwhile the people oblivious of the creeping death by the Black Blockade watch ball games eat barbeque on Independence Day and complain that they can’t go to their usual beaches. The significance of the black blockade has yet not sunk in.

The fishermen begin to complain, and suddenly lo and behold the black blockade has reached Galveston and hints of it are being seen all along the Atlantic Seaboard.

What does this blockade mean to America and the European Nations?

Logically it will asphyxiate the fish, the animals that rely on fish as food, the birds, the large mammals like dolphins and whales. It will then turn to the population of the country. The coast line will become untenable to live on, ghost towns will begin to appear as people move inland, economy will get worse as the coastal states go bankrupt and unable to ward off the black blockade.

There is more punishment to come for us humans as the blockade violently and heedlessly wrenches the natural cycle of life, food and wellbeing in the coast of America, which is very similar to the shooting of the people bearing humanistic goods for Gaza. The long-term consequences are shuddering.

If the black gold continues to spew and there is plenty of it where it is coming from, it may even with the hurricanes come ashore destroying crops and homes and if a hurricane aids and abets it the results are unimaginable. Can anyone stop it?

In the Quran Allah Subhanawataala says to “ correct a wrong with a good deed”.

Perhaps if Americans band together and have the blockade of Gaza lifted, maybe………and I say maybe because already things have gone too far both in the advancement of the irreversibility of the oil spill but also in the deep harm that has been done to the children of Gaza……….He (Almighty) in His infinite Mercy may stay the black blockade which is slowly squeezing life out of the United States of America and eventually also the European countries across the Atlantic.

Will Americans stay the cruel hand of Israel to break the blockade of Gaza? A good deed to neutralize a calamity, which is ready to ride rough, shod on the waves of a hurricane.

Perhaps this one good act may reverse the Black Blockade of the Oil Spill that only God can stop in His infinite Mercy and Goodwill.


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