Street scene in Beirut: What will people say?


وَٱذكُر فِى ٱلكِتَـبِ إِبرَهِيمَ‌ إِنَّهُ  كَانَ صِدِّيقًا نَّبِيًّا (٤١)

Also mention in the Book (the story of) Abraham: he was a man of Truth, a prophet. (41)


Surah Maryam was revealed in Mecca, where the Quraish were strong and prided themselves on being the descendants and followers of Abraham.

Prophet Muhammad is being commanded to mention Abraham, and his attributes of being truthful (SIDDIQ) and practicing it.

Siddiq is defined as:

  1. One who is truthful at heart
  2. Who is truthful of tongue
  3. One whose actions confirm what he says with his tongue
  4. One whose actions and words match
  5. One who actually does what he says
  6. One who never tells a lie
  7. One who is habitually truthful
  8. One whose Aqeedah is based on truth
  9. One whose everyday words and actions are based on the truth
  10. In summary someone who embodies TRUTH

After naboowat the highest level is that of Siddiqiat.

Who so Siddiq e Akbar? It is a title given to Abu Bakr (RA)

Here Abraham AS is being described as Siddique. What was his greatest proof of speaking the truth? It was that of Tawheed.

What is the greatest truth in this Universe? It is the continuous belief in One God (tawheed)

What is the greatest lie? It is to believe others to be partner or equal to God or give others the same status as God and make them equal in worship.

Abraham’s actions in his life reflect his truthfulness:

1. He jumped into the fire (see details elsewhere in the Quran)

2. He left his family home

3. He risked the displeasure of his father

4. He emigrated

5. He remained truthful in every thought and action

6. He fulfilled Allah’s commandment (He fulfilled the command sent to him as a dream

Thus he was truthful in all aspects.

(The example of Abraham is being given to the Quraish to demonstrate his truthfulness and his actions stemming from it)

How does one reach the level of Siddiq (this is a very high status)?

What is needed to do that?

One has to have the power of Emaan to reach the level of Siddiq. The level of emaan is reflected in ones ability and level to be truthful

When one speaks and acts the truth, it may cause events and people to adversely affect him or her. Thus if the emaan is weak, one cannot stand up for the truth.

When one lies one can win other peoples temporary approval and become popular.

When one speaks the truth sometimes ones own blood relatives and friends leave us

Thus it is the strength of emaan that allows one to be truthful.

Why doesn’t one speak the truth?

It is usually because we are afraid of people.

One cannot become siddiq unless one speaks the truth and confirms it with action.

If we say making salah is good, then what stops us form actually translating it into everyday circumstances? With our tongues we all believe it is the right thing to do, so when it comes to actions why don’t we follow through with what we agree with verbally?

Why don’t we confirm with action what we know and agree is the truth.  We want to do it, but we find ourselves unable to do it.

It is because one has to make sacrifices, of ones honor, ones ego, of ones money and ones status. We have bear hardship and that we do not want to do. We want to tell the truth but we know that the truth is frowned upon by people around us and thus for us to bet acceptance from people and win their support we continue to keep the truth low key or out of sight and continue to do what people want us to do.

Thus to earn the acceptance of humans around us we sacrifice the truth and its confirmation by action.

SELF-ASSESSMENT: In summary we must examine within ourselves as to what stops us from speaking the truth and confirming it by action?

The fact is that in order to execute our actions of truth, we have to sometimes face the displeasure of people and the fear of losing the acceptance and approval of the people around us we end up sacrificing the truth.

We basically want to tell the truth, but we mould our behavior to lie or mould the truth to win the approval of the people around us, and end up either hiding the truth or outright lying.


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