Excerpted from a Halaqa on Asmaa Al Husan by Dr. HY

Asmaa al Husna are beautiful and magnaminous.

There are six reasons of being Allah’s name being Husna:

  1. This is the best way of describing attributes is the way Allah describes e.g. Ar Rauf
  2. It makes us more aware of the awe or Jalap of Allah, it demonstrates our awe of Allah
  3. Each one of them when we learn and understand them I am affirming the perfection of Allah

Emaan becomes stronger and other names become less (sometimes we make other people more important and more powerful than Allah in advertently by our actions) Ma Qadar Allah …………we do not give Allah his due right

4. None of his names have any character of evil.    Hadith Never ever He is exalted by harming me or being harmful to me. If something bad happens to me is a consequence of my action

5. Call him by His names, implore him by his names, and e.g. ask for Sabr from As Sabur. Dua: rabbana taqabal minna (All duas start with his name) Ya Razzak Ya Rahman

6. One who has counted 99 of His names, know it and memorized them will get to Jannah. the other way to get to Jannah is by tawakkul. I remember Allah e.g. As Shakoor by being Shakir. Allah I practice by being His abd

Hadith : Bukhari and Muslim

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