Bismillah hir Rahman nir Raheem, I begin with the name of Allah who is most merciful and most compassionate and thank  Him for bringing us together at this happy occasion.

I give my salaam to our beloved Prophet Muhammad peace and blessings be upon him, his family and followers. I bring salaam to all of you who are here to celebrate and congratulate N and to encourage her in her desire for higher education.

Dear N………..

I am thrilled by the fact that you have chosen Art, which I feel is your love. In doing so you have innocently responded to your inner call guided by your fitra or your inner essence of purity and have thus opened a link to the Path of the Love of Allah. Fortunate are those who find this path early in life.

“… and He formed you and made your forms good” (Qur’an, 40:64),

It is only when one knows someone well that one can love them……….and thus is the Love of Allah, it is only by His acts or the results of his acts that we can get to know Him and love him.

I am so deeply touched that your path in Art is a direct seeking of Allah Subhanawataala in his attribute of AL Mussawir… The Shaper of Beauty, He who designs all things.

Everything that you draw paint or fashion will be an example of the signs He has made for us reflected in the intricacies of beauty everywhere.

All Artists go through phases where they go from the simplistic, i.e. copying manmade things, to God made things and my prayer for you is that you go beyond………..

How can you go beyond?

In every art lesson…………put on your cap of wonder and wonder how intricately beautiful or how intricately adversarial Allah Subhanawataala has made something and why is it so?

In every piece of art whether it is a single leaf, or a single cell of leaf………………….Imagine Him saying “Kun” or “Be” and it is there.

Whereas in if all the brains of the world sat down with the most intelligent computers it has been calculated by biophysicists that it would take several thousand intelligent computers, a period of over 150 million years to compute the nucleolus of a single cell of a simple leaf.

As you paint a leaf think of Him (Subhanawataala) and why He made it in so many colors and features and for what purpose……….

When you paint a bird on the beach diving in the morning for fish, contemplate Al Mussawir and think of the miniscule brain of the bird, who flies in the morning eats to its full content and then returns home empty handed with the full knowledge and security that when she flies back in the evening AL Razzak will have a meal ready for her.

How does she know that with her little birdbrain? Contemplate your subjects…………He has placed them in front of you for a reason

Thus my prayer for you is………………. that as you delve into each area of art:  Pause, contemplate, and reflect on Al Mussawir and get to know Him intimately. If you do that He will make your path to Him easy and your work, your studies and your assignments will flow with energy.

I pray that as you journey into Art…………. your heart, your body and your mind be protected from lewd, vulgar and disturbing aspects of secular and misguided art and that by being closer to Him ……….Al Mussawir, you become infused with happiness, peace, love and security.

The best google for descriptions of Allah Subhanawataala’s attributes including Al Mussawir are in the Quraan.

It all started with our father Adam AS who was taught all the Names including the Names of Allah Subhanawataala called Asmaa al Husna. I am blessed that I was named Asmaa which has led me to search for the Asmaa’ al Husna. I pray that as you have chosen Art and thus to walk the path in search of Al Mussawir, that He guides your heart and your hand.

I pray that you be given the assertiveness to say yes to what feels natural and pure and No to what is crude, vulgar and disrespectful of Allah Subhanawataala and His Messenger Prophet Muhammad peace and blessings be upon Him.

… “Our Lord gives each thing its created form and then guides it.” (Surah Ta Ha, 20:50)

I pray that each piece of art that you make that you are guided to use it for some good.

I pray that when something feels uncomfortable at the gut level, that He the Al Mussawir gives you a way to stay away from it and that you feel your jugular vein and remember that He is even closer to you then it.

I pray that you are always open to His wisdom and that may he give you friends and colleagues who are open to His wisdom because he is Al Hakim and knows in His wisdom what is best for you, your friends and me.

He is Allah—the Creator, the Maker, the Giver of Form . To Him belong the Most Beautiful Names. Everything in the heavens and Earth glorifies Him. He is the Almighty, the All-Wise. ( Surat al-Hashr, 59:24)

Thus as you embark on this journey of discovery, let me share with you the promised prize at the end of the rainbow. If you get to know Him Subhanawataala through his Asmaa al Husna in such a way that all 99 of them flow from your heart to your tongue with ease, then there is something beautiful waiting for you in the aeons of After Life.

It is when you have learned all the Asmaa al Husna that you have truly reserved a place for yourself in the gardens of Paradise. It is a promise of Allah vouchsafed and transmitted to us by our dearly beloved prophet Muhammad peace and blessings be upon him.

I pray that Allah Subhanawataaala open all the paths to Him as you seek Him through art, and get to know him as Al Mussawir.

I pray that your heart always remain obedient to him and that you connect with Him directly through prayer and supplication.

I pray that you fear only him and no other and that His love in your heart supercedes all others.

I pray that you always remember your parents in your duas in every Salah, and may your Salahs be numerous.

I pray that your art becomes a conduit to your recognition of the signs of Allah.

I pray that you and all the people present here become the cause of attaining Jannah for their parents, through your continued righteous actions in the path of Allah.

I wish you God speed…………. May you always feel the deep love and protection of Allah Subhanawaataala as you begin your journey into the realm of Art and the discovery of the signs of Al Musawwir.

Al-Musawwir, The Shaper of Beauty, He who designs all things.

He it is who has created for you all that is on earth, and has applied His design to the heavens and fashioned them into seven heavens; and He alone has full knowledge of everything.  (2:29)

And from the Mathnawi e Maulana Rum;

Everything that is made beautiful and fair and lovely

is made for the eye of one who sees.

Mathnawi I:2383, tr. Helminski

I would be extremely grateful if you would please remember me in your duas.

Thank you for your attention, Jazaik Allah hu Khairan, Asalaam o alaikum.

End presentation

Allah’s names with meaning and some explanation in english:


  1. Salam sister,
    I hope you are okay. I have been reading your posts quite regularly for some time now and I find your comments worthwhile and endearing mashallah. I had a draft planned in my head of what I wanted to include here, but now it has gone completley out of my head. So I am just going to write about how I am feeling. Secondly I do not know why I am writing to you. God knows, but I feel the need.

    Lately I have been going through a difficult time, it is my fault and I know that any bad that befalls a muslim is a result of his/her sins. But what to do, the pain of the distress pains me deeply. I am trying to do my upmost to keep steadfast and pray hard and just keep praying. Already so many amazing things have happened, my iman is becoming stronger inshallah. If anything I know this difficult time is a mercy in itself. ‘Sudden distress heralds feast days for the one who aspires’ – I keep reminding myself that this is for the best, ‘a calamity which helps you remember Allah swt is better than a blessing which will make you forget him’. It is just hard though, it the pain, the pain in my heart that bothers me greatly. I am not complaining, I want to keep this close to me but I feel I can mention this as you do not know me.

    I wanted to write in reference to two of your posts in particular, the one about submission, (this was a guest article) and the one about CHOOSING ART AND AL MUSSAWIR.
    Lately I have been thinking about wearing the hijab inshallah. I am struggling, your article touched a raw nerve, that ‘the day you will wear the hijab that is when you will submit’. I wish to be one of those that can say “we hear and we obey and we ask thy forgivesness our lord”. The guilt follows me around, and yet I am struggling to muster the courage of wearing it. I dont know why that is, I want to be happy wearing it and feel like I am close to Allah swt cos of it. I have been reading many articles and have even got in touch with people that I know personally who do. Yet I think that it is too hard, and I feel myself giving up. I think I am not worthy and then I rebuke myself for giving into the whisperings of the shaytan. I also fear I will feel inferior when I look at other people and how they are dressed. I tell myself that I should not be bothered about this. I keep going through these motions. I keep thinking why am I finding this hard when others do not, I feel sad at this thought.

    Secondly is in relation to the CHOOSING ART AND AL MUSSAWIR article. This touched my heart, I love art and I never thought abotu thinking of it this way before. Thank you for this article, I prayed hard for you. Shukrahamdillah I have been learning the attributes of Allah swt recently and nearly completed them:)) I am so pleased I have not told anyone except you! But it is true that you do roam in His attributes, that peace that ensues is undescribable. It has been a mighty big struggle, as small as the names it has been just as hard. If it wasnt for Allah swt help I would not have been able to do so, he truely is our helper (Ya WALI). When I think of the virtue of learning the names I feel blessed and so grateful to Allah swt. Then I think I must thank him, but how does one do that? His infinite blessings cannot be accounted for and any thanks we do give are not enough, the fact that we know Him is a mercy in itself. Then I read the best way to thank Allah swt is to obey him, which brings me back to the hijab. So you see I am in a miserable state, I want to do it and I feel like I cannot. A fellow sister said that to wearing the hijab is like falling in love, you need to pray for hidayat (guidance) and the tawfeek(strength) to do it. I guess this is where I am at. Please say a prayer for me, I know there is no conclusion to this post but this is how I am feeling at the moment. I just wanted to let you know that your posts are much needed. They give me the strength and reminders I need to remain steadfast as commanded.

    Best go now, sorry for rambling.

    Miss AH


    • Walaikum Asalaam wa Rahmatullah e wa barakatahu,

      My response to you is “JUST DO IT!” and be amazed at how Allah Subhanawataala makes it easy for you as He did for me, such that I am still reeling from the effect of his mercy and favors:)


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