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The Wall Street Journal insists on keeping its head in the sand, here is what it says…………….

Israel’s Gaza Flotilla Fiasco by Matt Boots (WSJ)

Israel had no obligation to allow the ships to reach Gaza, but surely there was a smarter way to stop them.

Most of the boardings, with commandos rappelling down ropes from helicopters, went smoothly. But aboard the largest vessel, the Turkish-flagged ferry Mavi Marmara, the passengers and crew put up a violent resistance. The Israeli Defense Forces have released video showing a commando being hurled from the top deck. Other commandos were confronted by an angry crowd armed with metal poles, knives, etc etc…………

Mr. Boot is a senior fellow in National Security Studies at the Council on Foreign Relations.

Really Mr Boots…………shooting people is okay after boarding their ship?

Wheelchairs: The types of cargo carried by the flotilla this time also

And thus it goes………..This is a momentous moment in history, the sort in which puny David stood up to Goliath, or when a giant Gulliver was chained down by the Lilliputians, or when the first guns were fired from Fort Sumter starting a war that changed the face of America.

Another such war is brewing inside America where the people watch with horror as the Israeli soldiers crush one of our own American girl from the south, Rachel Corrie under a bulldozer deliberately. Americans were on the flotilla in 2009 they are on this flotilla………. bringing hope and rescue from hunger for the men women and children of Gaza.

Humanitarian volunteers: Pictures from the last flotilla

Who are these Israeli soldiers committing such atrocities on the children of Palestine. They are the children of Irgun and other terror gangs that burned villages and tore open the bellies of pregnant women in Deir Yasseen, they are the people who told the people to come out of their houses in Sabra and Shatilla and turned on the flood lights and helped in setting fire to the camp and burned them to death shooting any that managed to escape the flames, such are the older Israeli soldiers.

Are these Israeli soldiers Jews, most likely not, a Jew true to the tenets of his faith is not allowed to commit such atrocities because like Christians and Muslims he is accountable to God on the Day of Judgment.

So who are these soldiers who can without conscience shoot unarmed defenseless men women and children who are bringing canned tomatoes to the starving children of Gaza.  Scurvy has set in Gaza and no one can treat it.

These soldiers are young men and women imported from communist Russia who immigrated to Israel to get away from communism. They are not Jews they are communists in Israeli uniforms, imported for the sole purpose of cannon fodder.

Relentless in their atrocities these soldiers are brainwashed into doing what is abhorrent even to their numbed sensibility. Sometimes they protest and then they are arrested and join the cells of the tortured.

Perhaps this final act of cowardice by the Israeli army will awaken the sleeping giant…

Who is the sleeping giant?

It is the collective conscience of the American people who have been generously giving their tax dollars to Israel in the hope that Israel will protect them from the “dangerous Arabs in the Middle East”.

The sleeping giant is the heart of the Ottomans that still beats in the breasts of the brave Turkish people.

The sleeping giant is the lone Bedouin in the desert who sees the flames in the water of ships burning, of helicopter gun ships dropping armed commandos into unarmed cargo ships and prays for the unarmed people of the ship.

The sleeping giant is the remote memory of the Arab that awakens at the screams of the mother whose child takes the last hiccup, dying of starvation at the shores of Gaza as the flotilla bearing food and medicine is attacked by the Israelis.

The sleeping giant is the heart of the Sufis who awaken from their trance to see the threat of destruction of the third Haram of Masjed Al Aqsa. It is reminiscent of the threat to destroy the Kaaba many years ago which sent Salahudin to Jerusalem and ensuing events changed the map of the middle east

The sleeping giant is awakened when the spoilt brat (Israel) decides to challenge it knowing full well it (israel) can run crying to big brother (USA) whose resources it is using.

The sleeping giant is the conscience of the man in the White house which awakens to the pain of injustice.

American children will remember this as a historical incident that created a cascade of events, which changed the map of the middle east forever………


  1. Walaikum asalaam wa rahmatullah e wa barakatahu,

    “The Arab World” is a term coined by the orientalist and western politicians. There is no Arab world, the people of Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Eygpt, Syria and Lebanon are all considered the “Arab World” and yet they are very different from each other.
    They have only one common bond and that is they are muslims, and those to of all varying shades.

    In my journey through the middle east I saw and met “the people of the Arab world” who are diametrically different from their rulers. They are kind, concerned, and thoughtful. Yes some are more materialistic than others while most still have good hearts.

    what I saw was the beginning of the end of Israel as we know it. Israel will implode, the pressure is both from the inside and outside.

    When ever I see or feel an insurmountable hurdle, I ask Allah to accept my attempt at righting the wrong at what ever level I am doing it, and to make me strong and consistent in speaking the truth. Taking quick and strong action is my weak point, I still chicken out of many things.

    If you listen to the activists on this flotilla they were mostly your and my age, they were determined to make a dent in the starvation of the children of GAZA, greek and turkish Cypriots sat side by side…….all to break the starvation stranglehold on GAZA. God bless them! They have pure hearts and they are doing what is true to their conscience, without fear of grief.

    The surrounding countries have absorbed almost 12 million Palestinian refugees, lebanon alone has 5 million, more than its resident ppoulation.

    The real challenge for Israel is when these 12 million march home. The Allenby bridge will shake with their feet, this time they will be returning to Jerusalem, not fleeing it inshallah.

    Never despair of the mercy of Allah…….. he sends it when we ask from the inner most recesses of our hearts, usually we don’t……….part of it is because we think that current circumstances are unchangeable and are stronger than the will of the Momin and the promise of Allah to the muslim who has submitted to Him.

    We have to continue to do what we can do locally, how ever small it may be and pray that Allah Subhanawataala accepts our efforts.

    Dua, dua and dua for all the people on board and for every human being in Gaza, struggling to live on bean paste and water.
    May Allah forgive me for not having the courage to do more!

    Jazaik Allah Khair!


  2. Dear Sister,
    Assalamu alaikum.
    Unfortunately you are so wrong. The Arab world cares very little for the Palestinians. In this world it is the economics that determines the winner in a war. The economy of Western world, the main supporter of Israel, runs mainly on the asset of the Arabs deposited in US and European banks. The main buyer of military hardware from the West is the middle east. I could go on and on. So Israel will continue to do whatever it wants to do, because it has the support of USA and the EEC, who in turn are propped up by the oil and the money of the Arabs. Why were the relief flotilla organizers so naive? Did they think Israel will sit around doing nothing? Do you think the world cares what happens to Gaza strip? Innocent lives were lost for a cause which will be forgotten by the media in a week or so. The organizers are responsible for the death of these innocent people. The Israelis did what was expected, what were the organizers doing to protect their people?
    My prayers are with the grieving family tonight, May Allah Grant them eternal peace.


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