Dawa e Shafi: An introduction

Dawa e Shafi in Urdu

Dawa e Shafi, (The medicine for healing)

By ibn al Qayyim Jawziya translated Mohammad ismail Godharwi into Urdu

A book review of the introduction by Dr. Farhat Hashmi

This book is based on three aspects:

  1. dua
  2. Waaz o irshaad
  3. Ikhlaaq e islami

Taqdeem: Foreword

Many civilizations reached the zenith of their culture. None could keep the zenith and fell.

The reason for their climb was the materialistic approach of these civilizations and the wisdom of ilm, however it was the ikhlaaq (etiquette) and character of its people was essential for reaching the zenith of their civilization.

The deterioration of the ikhlaaq and character of the people led to their downfall.

Saadi: The sky has the right, to cry tears of blood for the earth

Because of the downfall of the Abbasid (mustaasim) done by the Tartars.

The ulema tried to encourage its people to continue to study the Deen and correct the ikhlaaq of the people. The rise and fall of countries do not affect those organizations that teach the people the basics of ikhlaaq and character irrespective of who is the ruler.

Aab e baqa=ilm hidayat

Allama Ibn Qayyim’s writings raised the morale of the students through his writings:

When Muslims had been defeated, and example is given of a person who is depressed and disheartened, and feels that his dunya and Akhirah are finished. Ibn Qayyim wrote this book as a treatment of this depression.

His writing expand on:


2.THE DISEASE OF ISHQ. (marz e Isq) Love, romance has its own place and position. If it is enhanced beyond its place then it becomes a disease

He invites us to love Allah instead of wasting it on mere mortal

Khullat: A love for Allah beyond all humanly loves.

end introduciton

11 thoughts on “Dawa e Shafi: An introduction

    • Asalamu alaikum
      Below is the PDF link to an English abridged translation of a book by Ibn al-Qayyim entitled,
      “Spiritual Disease And It’s Cure” [originally entitled ‘Jawab al-Kafi’]

      Brothers/sisters – I highly recommend this book – it is excellent!!!! – For issues around the Heart and the effects sins have on it – Very beneficial.


      The Qur’an Project [buff.ly/1PTk8PZ]

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