Where is my doll? Palestinian children search the rubble of their home

In every house you will find a Nakba day of sorts. While one family celebrates a happy event, another mourns a loss.

So how is Nakba day  which means “A day of catastrophe” in arabic different from the above statement. The difference is that when one family (The Zionists) celebrate the birth of Israel, on the ashes of the motherland and homes of another family (the Palestinians) both being first cousins to each other by their lineage, then the chance of sustained happiness on the graveyard and the screams of men women and children is impossible.

There is an old saying “He who builds his house on the grave of his brother shall never see peace or happiness”

Living behind the wall on the unmarked graves of the people who lived there.

And so it is , As Palestinians are walled off from the Israelis, by the Israeli Zionists, what the Israelis now realize that they too are being walled in by the wall into a self made prison. The stress level of the Israelis is very high, not because some Palestinian child is going to throw a rock at a tank but because they are living on the graves of their cousins and the screams at night penetrate the subconscious of their children and their families, unravelling unremitting nightmares which have no beginning and no end…………..

Nakba Day………….the nightmare of every man, woman and child and every nation across the globe, marauding our conscience, till it awakens.

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