THE CANOPY OF LIFE……………2:1-286

This week by the grace of God we completed the study of the tafseer of Surah Al Baqara, it took us two years and eight months of weekly meetings, struggling through the tafseer  with many thanks to Dr. Farhat Hashmi who made it easy for us. Her logo is “ Quran for All -in every hand , in every heart”

What is dramatic is how it has changed each one of us in a very specific defined manner, empowering us with faith and istiqamah in our actions and giving each one of us the gumption to stand up for the truth in the face of personal and public predicaments.

Prophet Muhammad peace and blessings be upon him said, and I paraphrase:   it takes forty days to acquire or change a habit.

A year has fifty two weeks, I think it took almost a year for us to become a regular Wednesday student of tafseer, Those who dropped out off and on have not been able to acquire the habit of showing up on Wednesday and learning in a manner that would make an inner change in them.

Thus from this experience I learned the following:

1. One cannot learn anything unless it is done on a regular basis, and continuously for forty days, or forty times at regular intervals. The key is CONTINUOUSLY.

2. Learning in a diverse group enriches the intellect and sharpens the mind.

3. Group learning prevents one from becoming complacent of ones level of knowledge as there is always someone who knows more of some aspect of the ayah.

4. We became friends with each other which otherwise would have never happened as we all come from different walks of life and are at different stages of life.

5. We learned to apologize for our mistakes, and be patient with others.

6. How we started: If one wants to learn all you have to do is find a buddy and START and the others join in,  as time goes by and the word gets out.

7. May Allah bless teachers like Dr. Farhat Hashmi who make it easy to learn our Deen.

SUMMARY OF SURAH BAQARAH (Translated from Dr. Farhat Hashmi’s tafseer)

Surah Al Baqarah covers  over all and summarizes everything in the Quran and thus it is called a Tent or Canopy.

Some of what is summarized in Surah Al Baqarah pertains to:

  1. Aqeedah
  2. Emaan
  3. Ibadaat and all its details especially of Sawm
  4. Huqooq El Ebaad
  5. What is Halal and Tayyab in food and in money/earnings
  6. Qisas and the rules for it
  7. Waseeiah or Bequeathing at death and the Will
  8. The Rights of Women
  9. The rights and treatment of Orphans
  10. Muamallaat, eg loans, bearing witness, collaterals etc
  11. The status of the Ummah i.e Ummah ul Wussat (middle )
  12. Bani Israel and why the Imaamat was taken away from them and given to the Muslims
  13. The importance of “doing” good works
  14. Dua being the essence of Ibadah
  15. Even if one perfects one’s ibadah one has to make dua.

End Tafseer.

  • The gift to Muslims given to Prophet Muhammad pbuh in Mairaaj: The last two ayahs of Surah Al Baqarah, which when recited have numerous benefits.
  • 3 thoughts on “THE CANOPY OF LIFE……………2:1-286

    1. Walaikum Asalaam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatahu!
      Inshallah we will begin Surah Al Imran. Please keep us in your prayers.

    2. Assalam Alaikum 🙂

      Congratulations! May you get many more such occassions to celebrate 🙂
      JazakAllah for sharing the summary of Surah Bakhra… it will be very helpful..
      which surah do u want procide further with???

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