A thought provoking quote from the Juma Khutba today:

“You spend your money on what you love”

As a muslim, I must evaluate where I spend my money, is it on house, clothes, jewelry, cars, children, networking to climb the social or corporate ladder………………OR in the service of ALLAH?

Where do you spend yours?

4 thoughts on “WHOM OR WHAT DO YOU LOVE?

  1. Assalamu Alaikum!

    A thought provoking topic, but don’t you think the question can be a little loaded?

    But you are right that I think that people who spend extra money tend to spend it on what they want.

    Personally, I am pretty much on the same boat–gasoline, food and college tuition (although I get the money from my family because I am currently not working for money.)

    The bigger thing that I hope people tap into is this:

    Is money the only means to get what we ‘love’ or be the object of ‘love’?

    Can we think outside of the binary American culture propagates?

    Good job with your posts!

  2. Asalaam o alaikum NE, I guess you said it when you have money you spend it on gasoline and food!
    As for income……there is a saying in America “you can never be too thin or too rich”
    JazaikAllah Khair!

  3. I spend my money almost exclusively on gasoline and food. Anything extra I save up to properly clothe myself (most recent purchase was a new scarf and inshaAllah now I am saving for a new abaya). My income is very limited.

    Interesting Poll! Can’t wait to see how it turns out inshallah 🙂

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