(Sorry the arabic does not paste correctly check surah 17 ayah 80 from the Quran)

And say: My Lord! Cause me to come in with a firm incoming and to go out with a firm outgoing. And give me from Thy presence a sustaining Power. (80)

Tafseer by Dr. Farhat Hashmi (

Pray: O My Lord give me entrance into,  (come in) the place where I am entering with Sidq, and take me out and or make me leave with Sidq.

Specific meaning referenced to:

  1. In context with Hijrah” RasoolAllah is being taught this dua prior to his Hijrah to Medina, he is being taught this dua “ where I am going, when I reach the place of destination that may be a place of sidq (truth) and from where I am leaving this leaving (immigration) should become an act of sidq.

Make my (pbuh) leaving (Mecca) should be with sidq and my (pbuh) arrival (in Medina) should be with sidq

2. The second meaning is the entrance into the grave, make it roshan (illuminated) and with sidq, that we leave this world in peace and then when we leave our grave to go to the hashr we should leave with Sidq

3. The arrival into Jannah: when I leave the maidan e Hashr, I should leave with Sidq and enter Jannah with sidq.

General meaning and application of this dua:

One can read this dua while entering any organization and ask “ O Allah take me in with honesty and sidq and make my exit with sidq.”

And make for me from you sutanaan  (sultannaan means: sustaining power, or give helpers in the form of clear proofs and firm truth, it also means give strong helpers who can help in this immigration, or reign (hukumant) e.g. first Islamic republic with a written constitution of just truth began in Medina) and give me clear proofs so that what I present is the truth and clear in understanding and give me helpers that will enhance and promote this mission.

Thus for Prophet Muhammad pbuh, the welcome in Medina and the assistance and support t of the Ansaar was a fulfillment of this dua.

Thus when people left Medina they filled the earth with the sidq of Islam.

End Tafseer

My Take:

When one enters an Institution, a University,  a Home or Organization with a purpose in mind, many things can happen to veer one away from one’s original aim.

Thus this dua is a jewel being taught to us via peophet Muhammad pbuh  to strengthen the core of Honesty of Purpose while entering and when exiting, such that the inner purity of focus is not contaminated or distracted during this immigration from one place to the next.

Only Allah Subhanawataala can ensure the above, thus asking Him is most apt.


2 thoughts on “THE DUA OF THE IMMIGRANT: 17:80

  1. Salam!!!!
    I’ve spotted some errors in your arabic surahs of Quran,,,, i.e. most of your arabic surahs contain the word phonetically”Rabà” which is wrong actually this word is “Rabé” with zér below bá,,,,,,,, while there is no zabrr above bá!!!! Please correct it,,, and don’t think you’re a master in Islamic studies but infact you’re still a student!!!!!!!
    And please check and confirm the Quranic ayahs you publish around the internet and on hard copies briefly!, with the original Quran and please be careful in such acts!!!!! And Don’t take my comment as a jest! But take it seriously!!!
    Allah Hafiz!!


    • Walaikum Asalaam,
      No comments are taken in jest. Comments containing indecent language or Ghaibah or Namimah are not published.
      All Quranic ayahs are from Thank you for the correction. Please also write to for correction. Inshallah a more humble and compassionate tone will get more results and will fulfill the sunnah.
      JazaikALlah hu Khairan.


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