The middle east tour…..5 countries, 15 days

I was one of the several who went on this middle east educational tour, and at times I felt I was walking in the footsteps of our Prophets, deeply thankful and sincerely humble with gratitude to Allah Subhanawataala to allow me to take this journey, the goal of which was to pray in the third Haram: The Al Aqsa Mosque.

I will try to write about this action and information packed tour and pray that each one of you has the opportunity and desire to pray at The Al Aqsa Mosque…………soon!

Eygpt bearing the stamp of Salahuddin and his practice of Tazkiyah Nafs:

Salahudin's citadel and mosque.......calling all muslims to come and pray

Seeking Peace in the middle of the Nile in a sail boat, with the muted sounds of the Adhaan surrounding us.

Reminding myself of our mortality, everything fades away except the might of Allah

Sailing on the Nile

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