I have been working on the house all day and have a nagging headache that refuses to go away. Outside it is sunny, but I am sure bitterly cold.

I walk out to the beach, braving the cold seeking the sunshine.

Having walked several miles from home, deep in thought, I am suddenly faced with a sand storm, wind and rain. I turn around and start walking swiftly towards home, the sun is shining in front of me and the rain is coming at me along with sand, their speed and impact enhanced to painful points on my body by the wind.

As I battle towards home I look at the sun, feel the rain on my face and wonder…………. where is the rainbow? There should be a rainbow!

After a while of battling the elements, I stop and turn around to search for the rainbow. I return …….. I turn away from the beating rain and sand and instead return to where I was going in the first place. As I look up I find the rainbow dipping into the ocean on one end and the other kissing the clouds………

I have to remember this event………. in the face of adversity small or large, I must return (in Istighfaar) to Allah Subhanawtaala to find the rainbow (of forgiveness) that awaits me.

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