Why is the salaah important?

Why do I need prayer?

Salaah is a present from Allah Subhanawataala!

At this time it appears to be a hassle in our everyday life

The key to becoming a momin is tazkiyah and tarbiyah

Allah Subhanawataala is there for us all the time, are we there with him?

Are we aware that when and how to be in front of Allah Subhanawataala?


1.            salaah is a nour

2.            salaaah is a comfort: In all difficulties rasoolallah pbuh would resort to salaah

3.            salaah is a mercy and dua/supplication

4.            Salaah is the closest we can come into the presence of Allah Subhanawataala, it is the mairaj of the Momin

Excerpted from notes on Salah from a lecture by Hamza Yusuf.

2 thoughts on “WHAT IS SALAAH TO ME?

  1. Asalaamoalaikum!
    Thank you for your comment, Jazaik Allah hu Khairan!

    May Allah Subhanawataala beautify your salah to His pleasure. Ameen

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