Sometimes you have been in a role so long, that despite failing to function well in it you continue to struggle to remain in it.

Sometimes one tries hard everyday to reach a goal and one does not realize that not only is one not reaching the goal but the effort to reach it at the exclusion of all else is changing the person from the inside.

It is only when you pause and reflect at your failure that is and has been all along staring you in the face that you have to decide…and accept the answer: is this failure, a curve in the road or a dead end?

Prophet Muhammad peace and blessings be upon him has instructed us that when we face failure or a calamity, we should take the lesson from it and shut the door to the past and move forward.

The key action in all this is to PAUSE & PONDER……..where are you? And what are you? A failure or a beginner on a new road?

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