There are echoes of the Hitlerian and Russian regimes coming from the halls of the upper echelons.

In Russia the practice of religion was banned and Muslims met in underground basements where one Quran a remnant of someone’s ancestors was read silently and memorized before people dispersed one by one.

In the Hitlerian regime the Jews who controlled the major assets of Germany were vilified for their economics initially and then outright for their belief as and eventually dehumanized and branded inferior.

USA or the shores of North America saw bedraggled immigrants from Europe who were social and religious outcasts, or who as a punishment were sent to “the colony”

After the first wave of Europeans who made their home in America settled in, it did not take them long to say to others “either you are with us or against us” and they started their own brand of religious persecution. Women were burned as witches because they may have used herbs and incantations to heal someone.

The next wave of immigrants were the Irish who were met with another wave of resentment such that as they arrived in New York, the only job they were allowed to do was to clean the animal excrement from the streets (similar to the Dalits in India) and after a century they elected the Irish catholic man as the president and then proceeded to murder him.

How m any times does history have to repeat itself before it sinks into the average American brain that being different in faith or looks or manners does not mean “terrorist” or inferior.

It was as protection from this base intellect, trigger happy, ignorant people that Thomas Jefferson drafted a constitution, which separated Church from State.

That too went the other way when people started abusing it to religion bash children in school and forbid them from speaking about their religion and a religious and socio economic divide took place in the last few years separating the rich white religious kid in private and religious charter (supported by the state at the expense of public schools) schools, and the poor colored and white kids in the public schools. This divide is far more significant than the segregation by race, as it has an inviolable line almost as sturdy and impregnable as the Israeli wall dividing Palestinian neighborhoods.

In comes the youngest faith on the backs of the immigrant intelligentsia from the Middle East, far east and near east. This young faith of Islam had a laid back following in the first generation, but it was not until the second generation that the American kids born and raise here as Muslims fought back to defend their faith without feeling ashamed or hiding it like their parents who out of gratitude did not even mention it to their employers.

The American youth from the Middle East combined the physical beauty, the intellect, and the passion of their forefathers with the forthright honesty and in your face attitude of an American.

This attitude has started to irk the older white Christian conservative generation of slave owners who feel the disrespect to be coming from these “foreign kids”.

There is thus a concerted effort to gag the young ministers, the new schools for teaching of the Quran and to pull the economic rug from under these charitable institutions to destabilize and subjugate the young Muslim youth. The attempt is to leave them rudderless and those who persist in reading, reciting and teaching, to threaten them to change the scripture or face persecution.

American Muslim youth are the new Jews of this day, harangued and pursued not by the public but the estranged intelligentsia that see them as a threat to their slave owner lifestyle.

Time as it ticks…..will unveil as to what happens on the island of North American in a country called The United States of America.

A prayer for protection:

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