WAR: My son, his son and your sons………….

Dedicated to the parents of Tariq, Imran, Ebad, Nabeel and all the parents who have lost their children to death………….

While the whole world watches the American President declare his intentions regarding the war in Afghanistan and Pakistan, I do the math and it translates into more dead sons and daughters and more grieving parents irrespective of which side you are on.

I am reminded that somewhere in a cemetery a father grieves over the untimely death of his young son. Here is an excerpt of a Ramadan night………….

I cannot wait to end the day of work to be with him. Even though he remains silent on my visits. The tree beside his grave has grown tall in these two years and has bent over his grave protectively to shade him from the relentless heat of summer.

I alight from the car and approach his grave. I search my pockets to look for my small Quran and I find them empty. In the past I have usually gone back to the car to get it. Tonight is the advent of the twenty seventh of Ramadan and suddenly I want to recite the Yaseen Shareef from memory for my son.

I begin the recitation and effortlessly the words flow from my heart and spill over my lips gathering the essence of my love and bestowing it on my son as he lies separated from me by a universe of infinity.

It has been said that the intent with which you recite Yaseen, is granted and recognized by Allah Subhanawataala without even uttering the intent in words……………..

Today, He Subhanawataala knows that I want to recite Yaseen shareef from memory and without the help of the musaf. I want it to flow from my heart, all of it, from beginning to end. I want to gift it to my son, complete in its entirety and essence.

As my wish is granted on this blessed night of the twenty seventh of Ramadan, I am overcome by a wonderful feeling……………I have recited the entire surah Yaseen from memory without a hesitation!

Meanwhile as the war machine gears up to make more graves all over the world, I grieve for the parents who are as of now innocent of the pain that comes with the news of your child’s death!

And I say:

Inna lil lahi wa inna elayhe rajaeown:

We come from Allah and to Him we shall return

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