Hitting the wall…

Marathon runner: Courtesy flickr.com/marathon

This is a term used in a marathon. Around the 22-mile you hit the wall.  Every ounce of energy seeps out of you, the feeling that there is lead in your feet and that lifting one more foot towards the goal is like moving Titanic. When eyes cloud and you have a feeling that you are not going to finish this race and that you might not finish anything for that matter, that is truly hitting the wall.

I wonder if anyone has ever hit the wall in ebadah, when you climb, climb, climb, in one continuous breath and by the dint of your extreme focused energy you are almost there and then you hit the wall, and you not only feel the lead in your feet with the inability to take one more step forward but you start to slide, one pebble at a time and you wonder how far the fall is and hope that you never reach the mindset where you don t care any more how far you fall or where you stop…………….

Any suggestions how to overcome the wall?

3 thoughts on “Hitting the wall…

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  2. Bismillah ar-Ramhman ar-Rahim
    afew comments:

    1. Surah Balad (90), especially ayat 11-19 about the steep path.
    Al-imran (3) Verse 200:
    “Oh you have attaiend to secure belief, endure and be steadfast and strengthen each other. Guard yourselves (for Allah) in order that you may be successful”.
    (translation A. Nooruddeen Durkee)

    2. Iqbal:

    Qadam utha! yeh muqam intaha-e-rah nahein.

    3. The veils of ignorance are constantly being removed, through the self disclosure of God. Ibn Arabi has written about this.
    Each veil is a wall, till it is removed.

    Through the disclosure of Allah’s creative activity comes knowledge of the material world and through abadah, His Grace.

    Momin is continuously transformed to greater heights, the ultimate is the presence of Allah, granted to the ProphetMuhammad (pbuh) on the night of Mira’aj.

    Dil zinda-o-bedar agar ho to batadrij
    Bande ko ata kerta hein chashm-e-nigran aur

    Ahwal-o- maqamat pe mokoof hai sabh kutch
    He lahza hai salik ka zaman aur makan aur

    and then:

    Her lehza hai momin ke nei shaan nei aan
    kirdar mein, guftar mein, Allah ke burhan


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